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Saturday, June 21, 2008

THIRTY weeks!

wow!  it has totally snuck up on me.  i cannot believe we'll be meeting Jaxon Bryan in 7-10 weeks or so.  this pregnancy has flown...has had several ups and downs...and i just cannot wait to meet this little guy.

here are a few updates on our family and life in general.  i havent done one in awhile.

asah:  is loving being a pastor.  this march marked one year as pastor of Crossroads.  we have learned SO much in the first year and we love being here in hammond.  earlier this month he took his first "personal retreat" and while he was only 20 miles or so down the road he was able to get away for 4 days for prayer, planning and study.  i am so glad he had this opportunity and it sounds like it was a very productive time in preparation for sermons this summer and the fall.  i'm extra glad he has direction as late summer/early fall will be spent welcoming Jaxon to our family!

tara:  is working hard!  this week i accepted the position of House Director at the pregnancy resource center where i work.  i have been bookkeeper there since late 2006 and we've had a couple leadership changes.  our Exec. Director resigned last month and this new position was created to serve alongside a new Exec. Director.  i am very excited about the opportunity to serve in this way.  i feel kind of crazy with the timing of it all, but i know that this is what God has led me to do and i'm very excited for the opportunity.  i also work at the gym one day/week and have two regular bookkeeping clients.  i stay on my toes daily!

jordan:  is the cutest, sweetest little boy we couldve ever imagined.  he amazes us daily with what he's learning and is full of life, and joy, and is extremely smart.  we are so proud to be his parents and cannot wait for him to be a big brother.

jaxon:  is over 3 lbs now and kicks me all day long.  everything looked good at my regular doc appt on thursday.  we have another visit with the specialist on july 18 for another peek at his brain and to measure the ventricles.  as it stands now the delivery should be routine and he'll be monitored closely at birth and after by the nursery.  we just continue to pray that there will be wonderful news at the appointment in july.

if you read this whole thing you are now updated on our little life.  thanks for reading!



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