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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

a day that will live in history

this is the 1st election of our two boys' lives, and one that will definitely impact their wellbeing.
i got out at 6:30am to try and vote but the line was far too long; i could not find parking; and jaxon was due to nurse around 7; so i came back home. i will try again later, i am voting today one way or the other-even if it means strapping two boys in a stroller!

a friend shared the email below from a coworker. it gave me goosebumps too. get out and vote! there is so much at stake.

This morning, I was in line at my polling precinct when the doors opened (with my two daughters in tow). There were actually about 300 people there when the doors opened. At the front of the line was an elderly couple. The man was walking hunched over and the woman was walking with the aid of a walker, but they were the first in line to vote. The man was also a veteran (you could tell by the VFW hat he was wearing). When he got his ballot, he turned to walk to the voting booth and started to sing God Bless America as he walked. As corny as it may sound, 300 people joined that veteran in singing God Bless America to open up the voting in that precinct. Some I am sure supported McCain. Some Obama. Who knows, someone may have supported Nader. But everyone joined in that song and celebrated our right to vote with one of the people who fought to preserve that right. I admit, I got goosebumps. So, for my two cents, I hope everyone here has taken or takes the time to vote in this election. It truly means something.

EDITED TO ADD: we did it! i voted with two boys in tow. the lines were still super long but i put them in the stroller and was determined. i told the lady my precinct and it just so happened there was no line for ours! the others stretched out the doors and there was minimal parking. thank you Lord! now, as for the amendments and other local issues...i really dont have a clue as to how i voted. they are super long and with a fussy infant/fidgety toddler the words were quite jumbled. i hope i didnt vote for something terrible. they really should shorten those, or put them in plain english. it just feels so good and meaningful to vote. so thankful to live in America!



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