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Friday, January 16, 2009


jordan: feeling much better after a weeklong virus. he didnt eat much for a whole week and threw up many times. we are calling him "skinny" now. his size 6 diapers are very loose and so are all his clothes. hopefully he'll put the weight back on. he doesnt look quite right skinny.
that virus was no joke though.

jaxon: finally holding that big ole noggin up. thought he'd never do it. STILL not rolling over. oh, well. the doc says chubby babies have a harder time with it :)

he is loving eating "real" food. favorites so far are bananas and apples. we are feeding him once in the am and once in the pm for right now.

he is FINALLY "sleeping through the night"....well, what i call sleeping through. his night is different than mine, but i will take it. we've been putting him down around 6:30 or 7:00 and he goes to about 4am. praise the Lord! last night i got my first 7 hour stretch of sleep in 5 months. it felt a-mazing.
how did we get jaxon there? gasp....formula. i nurse him all day...but we give him his final feeding of the day in a bottle....formula with some rice cereal in it, warmed really really well. he will only take it if it is 98.6 degrees :)
this was asah's idea; and it worked. big boy just had to get his belly really full. otherwise he was up every 4-5 hrs. i'm totally okay with this arrangement.

here are some pics from this week.

put daddy's shirt on top of his pj's-

don't know what j is fussing about here....


bumbo seat!

hand in mouth 24/7. he LOVES this little lamb (thanks gram!)


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