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Thursday, June 18, 2009

one of those weeks........


saturday night: a/c broke. same thing happened a year ago, capicitor got to 89 degrees inside on sunday, but we were able to find someone to come out and repair it on a Sunday afternoon.

Monday: Jordan and I got a stomach virus.

Tuesday: Jax was fussier than normal, up many times during the night and could not be consoled. completely stopped nursing.

Wednesday: early trip to the pediatrician with Jaxon. Ear infection (bad one) and tonsilitis. put on 2 antibiotics.

Thursday: it's been over 48 hours since jaxon nursed. he will not take a bottle or sippy cup either. super worried that he'll get dehydrated!

so, theres our week so far. please pray that things get a bit better. this mom's had about all i can take! praying lots for jaxon....also praying for financial provision....lots of medical bills and repair bills this month. good thing we had a yard sale...and so much for "fun" money! it is definitely for covering these emergency expenses we've had. but God provided. even ahead of the need.

asah read me this last night before bed. sort of joking, but mostly serious!

"the Lord will not allow the righteous to hunger....." prov 10:3

we trust and wait on Him.



Blogger Mallory, Amy & John Mark said...

tara, iam praying for you. listen, as a nurse and paranoid mom i have to tell you to watch jaxon's diapers. if he goes more than 8 hrs w/no wet diaper, you need to call the doc asap. also watch his fontanel on his head. if it sinks in, go to the doc. other signs are no tears when he cries, skin loses turgor (elasticity), dry mouth and nose. you prob. already know this, bu7t i love your family and want you to be healthy and safe.

ps-sorry 4 the typos, i'm nursing and typing w/one hand.

6/18/2009 4:48 PM  

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