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Monday, February 22, 2010

great vaccine debate II

a while back i got many comments on our take on vaccines. An article came out today quoting Temple Grandin, one of our Autistic heroes and researchers. She's unique because she is living with Autism, and also a wonderful Advocate. I liked what she had to say in this article put out by the WSJ; which is along the lines of what our INCREDIBLE pediatrician has suggested we do for Jaxon. Because of the genetic link we will have them spaced out and no MMR until 2 years of age. While the study was recently retracted regarding the link between Autism and MMR; there are still many ongoing studies suggesting links between Vaccine Injury and Autism Spectrum.

We are not Anti-Vaccine. What we want to be is informed. Something I read elsewhere said it this way "What other office procedure requires you to sign away your rights to hold the doctor and Pharm. companies responsible for any damage done? Where will that doctor or Drug company be when your heart is breaking watching your once normal child struggle........."

I feel as if we've made the right choice and even our doctor admitted that while there's no proven link, it's not been disproven either.

Our "plan" is 2 shots at a time for Jax until he's caught up, in order of importance based on what our Pediatrician recommends. Very comfortable with our plan now...very thankful for a doctor who understands. She's cared for my boys well since Jordan was a newborn, and I'm very thankful that God led us to her!

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Blogger allison said...

Thanks for the link to the article.

2/23/2010 9:49 AM  

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