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Saturday, December 15, 2007

it's a Hudgins family Christmas

you cannot tell from the pictures, but we were all happily opening gifts this morning.

Jordan is sick, and I am too...and Asah just looked confused. the pictures make me laugh.

Jordan woke up two nights ago at 2 am saying "Hot, Hot". he had a fever and we went to the doc yesterday. His asthma is acting up BAD (like this is the worst I've seen it) and he also has some sort of sinus infection. I am getting the same sinus infection....yesterday Jordan was coughing so hard he threw up in the car while out with Asah. We cant find anything to relieve/stop the cough. Its no fun.

BUT This morning was a new morning and we were determined to have a fun christmas.

i got a new digital camera!!! my old one is officially dead from one too many dealings with Jordan. I also got some great new kitchen gadgets in my stocking. Asah got Timberland boots, a new pullover shirt, and an Itunes gift card.

you'll see J's big gift in the video.

pray for us! we are traveling in a few days and would love to be rid of the crud.


Blogger Josh & Donna said...

fun early Christmas! sorry to hear about the germs, we're praying for a quick recovery!

12/15/2007 3:22 PM  

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