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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

hmmmm. is "1st concussion" a milestone?

well, i guess with a kid like Jordan it was bound to happen one day. just wish today wasn't the day. it's one i dont want to repeat.

we got to work and as usual Jordan was running all over the Restoration House doing his usual thing. He was climbing on the chairs in the kitchen which I thought nothing of...typical Jordan and it was keeping him occupied. Next thing I know he's totally fallen backwards off the chair and hit the back of his head; hard. He was very upset but I thought for sure he was okay. I held him for 15 minutes or so, we tried juice, a pacifier, snacks to calm him down. I stood up to walk with him and he began throwing up everywhere. I freaked.

Our director drove us to the Hospital, someone called Asah, and I was wearing a lot of puke. We ran redlights and had the flashers on and everything. It was very hard to keep Jordan awake on the way...he kept drifting off. At this point I was very scared. They took us right back and Asah got there quickly with a shirt for me (I was DRENCHED in vomit). They hooked him up to monitors, checked the eyes, and gave a seditive for a CAT scan. It took him almost an hour to calm down for the scan. We got ready to go back and then they asked if I was pregnant. Yes...almost forgot! So I couldnt go back with him for the CT scan. Luckily Asah got to. I was really worried because they said he'd have to be still for 5 minutes. That's an eternity for an almost 2 year old. At the hospital all Jordan wanted was his "papis". (Pacis). I was so frazzled leaving work I left the diaper bag and we had none. Luckily they noticed at work and sent someone to bring them. Papis to the rescue...just in time for the scan.

Anyway, after a few more tense moments the doctor came back and said his scan was clear. A moderate concussion. Phew. Jordan fell asleep on the way home from the hospital and I probably checked on him 58 times during that nap.

They said he could be out of it for a day or so. Tonight about 5:00 all he wanted to do was go to bed. We tried a bath to keep him awake but afterwards he snuggled up with Asah in their chair and conked out. Just an exhausting day for everyone.

It struck me funny that when Asah got home from work today he said "Come here buddy! You got your first concussion today!" Um, First? Hopefully last! I don't know if this is a milestone we want to repeat, ya know?

Going to bed. Sooooooo tired.



Anonymous Megan Richardson said...

That's funny that you titled this blog that because when Asah came back to the house today, I said "Well I guess Jordan reached that milestone quick! I didn't get my first until I was sixteen!"....

I am so happy to hear though that he's doing much better. Hopefully he won't be climbing any chairs soon!

2/13/2008 11:40 PM  
Blogger Jenny said...

Oh, wow! I imagine that I would've freaked too! You're a cool mom.

2/14/2008 9:08 AM  
Blogger Josh & Donna said...

oh my goodness! wow. what a day. soooo glad he's ok!

2/15/2008 6:33 PM  
Blogger Joni said...

Wow, what a day! Sounds like the people you work with are Awesome and were lifesavers with getting the pacis to Jordan. I know how important those are! That is a scary experience but Asah's probably right - it is bound to happen again. Ugh. When Jasper got sick in Dec I freaked out and Darrell said, ummm this is going to happen again. Duh!

Hope Jordan is doing better!
Joni :)

2/15/2008 8:08 PM  

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