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Monday, February 11, 2008

update on the weekend, the baby, etc

thought i'd post an update since it's been a week!

this weekend i went to alexandria on a nice, relaxing women's retreat. it was awesome to have a dinner out with the girls, be refreshed by the speaker and sessions and have a bit of girl time. here's a pic of our group. 4 out of the 6 are pregnant. made for frequent bathroom breaks.

we began making way for baby. i know it's very early, but i'm a planner like that. we started getting newborn stuff down from the attic and cleaning out the guestroom (quite the job). jordan discovered that he loves baby toys again....especially the bouncy seat. look how giant he is in it now. what a silly boy.

he and asah had a great "bachelor weekend". they went to the park and had lots of fun. asah said the first night jordan mustve gotten up at some point and emptied his dirty clothes hamper into the bed with him. he slept with all his dirty clothes. funny boy!

we are now 11 plus weeks with the new baby. and i know it's way too early to tell, but we are really feeling like this is a girl! really no more than just a feeling...this pregnancy has been so completely different and the heartrate is ALWAYS up there....usually 170-180ish. i get it done often since i work at the pregnancy center. i'm also very spoiled by seeing the baby about every week on our ultrasound there! i need to scan/upload some pics. it sure has grown!

thats all for now....jordan really wants me off the computer!

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