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Friday, January 25, 2008

sooner or later it was bound to happen!

and we figured might as well sooner than later.

ever since Christmas Jordan has "known" how to climb out of his crib...and ever since then we've been going back and forth on moving him into a bed. It's just so nice to know he's safe and sound (confined!)
but when he climbed out 3 times yesterday and we heard him playing with his drums an hour after putting him to bed last night we knew it was time. we have a toddler bed we've been waiting to put together, so that the crib can be used for the new baby, but when Asah went to put it together we realized we didnt have all the parts. SO we ordered the parts to be here in a few weeks, and until then we converted his crib to a bed.

naptime was ROUGH today. it took about an hour and about 40 times of putting him back in his bed. however, i'm happy to report he did finally nap and did quite well. we are hoping it gets easier from here. i'll report on how the nighttime sleep goes.

if anyone has tips for transitioning feel free to share!

here are some pics of Jordan "helping" asah work on the bed....the finished product...and a few other changes we made today (put in a bookshelf, took out the rocking chair).




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