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Friday, June 27, 2008

in the news....

this was the article in the Hammond Star about the new leadership positions at the Restoration House where I work. I made the paper! At 30 weeks pregnant and looking huge! Woo Hoo!

by the way, for those of you who know my dad, I think our new Exec. Director looks amazingly similar to him. Jordan has even called him "Papa". They could at least be brothers.

a clearer write up is on the newspapers website. click here.

I found it funny that the article stated that Asah AND I pastor Crossroads in Hammond. That isnt true...Asah's definitely the pastor and I'm definitely just his "helpmate". Hoping that doesnt cause too much confusion in the community :)



OpenID katiecottle said...

Tara, That is so exciting! I don't know how you do it all. You need to give me some pointers on Time Management. I can hardly find time for all I do between home and church and yet you find time to work outside the home!!!

6/27/2008 11:57 PM  

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