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Sunday, August 31, 2008

katrina, all over again???????

it feels like it. we found out we were pregnant with jordan the week before katrina. i puked all the way to houston. now we have a 4 day old and a katrina like storm is on the way. what is it with us and babies and hurricanes?

we are safe.

we made it to GA at 6am. 12 hours in the car as opposed to the normal 7 hour trip.

needless to say, this was very hard. sweet jaxon did so good for awhile, but he desperately wanted to be swaddled and held and to nurse a bit more frequently than traffic would allow at times. when we did stop to nurse there were people everywhere and it was so hard to get comfortable. he was a trooper; and i am so thankful to God that we are here.

asah ended up coming with us at the last minute (thank goodness!). he and jordan pushed ahead because we were having to stop so much with jaxon. poor jordan, not a car sleeper, was up past midnight which is the first time in his life! he is sleeping now upstairs with daddy, and i hope his sleep is sweet.

prayer requests:
our home. asah and wendell boarded up windows and sandbagged doors before leaving. now we just wait and hope and trust God!

jordan and jaxon. for jordan to be able to adjust and play and sleep and just do normal 2 year old stuff; and for jaxon to continue to learn to nurse and just be a newborn.

for us; and for me i think especially emotionally. it's Katrina all over, except for this time with 2 kiddos.

for asah as he desires to get back as soon as possible to help lead out in relief efforts and mobilize our church to be as big a help to our community as possible after the storm.

we'll keep updating, but know we are SAFE. and resting in Him this morning.

thank you for the phone calls, emails, and comments, even from some we do not know. what a huge blessing. we definitely feel your prayers!

the hudgins "four!"



Blogger TheEvjes said...

Praying for you guys! We hvae been watching the tv all day and all we could think about was katrina!
Your baby is so cute, glad all is well with the family of four!

9/01/2008 2:44 PM  
Blogger Jennifer said...

Hey Tara!

Your baby is so precious! We are praying for you. Miss you,
Love Jennifer Colson

9/02/2008 12:35 PM  

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