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Friday, October 03, 2008

family update

-jaxons new tummy medicine seems to be working. he hasnt had a gas attack in the past few nights.
you'd think this would mean he'd sleep better. hmmmm. he's still up a lot during the night. just likes to hang out with his parents i suppose. asah has taken one feeding the past couple nights and given me some rest. i'm liking the bottle thing....however, i usually have to get up and pump anyway so it (sort of) defeats the purpose.

-i quit my job! well, one of them. it was a very very difficult decision to make. I love what I do at the Restoration House. I've been blessed to be there almost 3 years now doing the books and just serving in whatever capacity. In June I was promoted to House Director. I can bring my kids with me to work. Seems ideal, but I was just missing time at home and through much prayer Asah and I decided it would be best to be home more. This is a huge step of faith as we are letting go of some income that was getting us through each please pray that God will provide. I am still keeping a couple bookkeeping gigs from home..and still at the gym one shift per week. .this will just free me up sooooooo much to be with my boys and help Asah out more in ministry. Exciting!

-i'm going to a pastors wives retreat next weekend. i'm looking forward to retreating. jaxon will come with me though....he still needs to eat (pretty much all the time :) asah and Jordan will have some good time together next weekend.

that's about all for now. you may wonder why i'm awake at 5am. it's because i just put jaxon back down for the 3rd or 4th time and he's in there grunting away and fighting sleep so i figured i might as well post while waiting for him to settle :)
all is quiet now so it's time for another hour or two(!) of sleep.

Edited to add a family photo...our first as a family of four! taken today at the pumpkin patch-



Blogger James, Nikki & Liam Adair said...

Yay for you! You will not regret that decision, and God will provide!

And I just read how he was in the 97% for weight - WOW! That is so awesome...give him a kiss on that chubby little cheek for me!


10/03/2008 9:08 AM  
Blogger The Hartzog's said...

Great family pic!!
I know you are going to love being home with your boys, even though you had a great job...there's nothing like being home. I'm only working one day a week and that one day I have to leave always wrenches my heart. Congrats on your decision and I'm looking forward to hearing your God stories in how He provided!!

10/04/2008 8:35 PM  
Blogger Jill Williamson said...

I love that picture of ya'll! I want to go to the pumkin patch....Tara, I am so proud of are a talented woman but also a wonderful, patient mommy! Your boys are so grateful to have at home with them....You are their FAVORITE teacher.

10/05/2008 6:09 PM  
Blogger mcgintys said...

What a great family pic! I always loved the pumpkin patch! Jaxon is a doll and I was glad I was finally able to see him in person today. I am sure leaving your job was hard....but you have a very important job right now with those boys. God will provide and He will bless you guys for putting your family 1st.

10/05/2008 9:52 PM  
Blogger Josh and Donna said...

great photo, love it!

10/06/2008 11:20 AM  

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