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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

operation "sleep in your crib"-night 1

i am happy to say that jaxon has been sleeping in his crib; on his back for 8.5 hours now! this is a breakthrough. for 11 weeks he's been swaddled and sleeping in his infant carrier. We recently moved him to his room and put this in the crib but its been a process trying to get him to settle and sleep on his back. last night we decided to "go for it" and after going in a few times; picking him up then putting him back down he did it!

i'm awake now for a feeding but wanted to update on this super news!

he's still waking 2 times a night to eat; once around 11 or 12 then at 3 or 4. i'll take it.....

the gas and his tummy has gotten better each week. i'm hoping that 3 months is the "magic number" for him in regards to the tummy trouble.

i'll TRY to get some pics up soon. busy busy week.



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