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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

brotherly love

the other day i heard jordan in the living room with jaxon and decided to check things out.
he had given jaxon his elmo, which is HUGE. as of late, jordan and elmo have become very attached. they sleep and eat together, and if jordan has juice or a cracker he always offers it to elmo. elmo gets a paci and blanket before bedtime just like jordan; and i'll find elmo swinging in jaxons swing, in our bed, everywhere around the house. i COULD NOT BELIEVE jordan offered elmo to jaxon. what was funnier is that jaxon decided he'd try to nurse elmo's eyeballs. he sucked on them for quite sometime. i tried to get a pic. jaxon was quite happy hanging out with brother's favorite thing....not so happy when jordan decided he wanted it back. i can imagine elmo was tired of his eyeballs being gnawed on though.



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