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Friday, December 05, 2008

pictureless update

sorry, folks. no time to upload pics tonight.
have my first of NINE holiday events tomorrow. NINE. between now and the 3rd week of december. while i'm looking forward to each one, i can imagine i'll be both tired and broke after attending them; making stuff for them; or buying gifts for the gift exchanges. and this is all before heading to GA to celebrate with extended family. by the end of december, i'll be ready for January.

wait. January. that's year end financials, donor receipts, W2's, etc for all my clients.

February sounds awesome.

I really am trying to think positively about the "hustle and bustle". i want to remain calm in walmart, even when someone blocks the aisle or rudely pushes past me. i want to smile even though i'm stuck at one of the many traffic lights in downtown hammond with a screaming child in my backseat. i want to ENJOY this season, with my family, church, and friends. i've made the decision to do so.....

and it's not without its challenges. jaxon is the worst sleeping baby i've ever encountered, and he's mine. this isnt totally his fault as of late, he's come down with his first cold (joy) and cannot stand his stuffy nose. last night at around 4:00 i broke down and put him in the swing. this was after getting up with him at midnight, one, three, etc. this too shall pass. i cannot remember the last time i slept more than 4 hours. i am a zombie...but a happy one. we are SOOOO blessed with our boys.

enough rambling. time to make some goodies for tomorrows festivities.

guess what I was trying to encourage myself; as well as others to focus on why we are celebrating. it's about Christ. as i sat down to prepare the "lesson" for the nursery sunday (i use the term lesson loosely! it's 1's/2's and 3 year olds!)...i was able to read the Christmas story again from Luke. THIS is why we celebrate. it totally changes my heart to think this way.

i promise pics of the boys in the next few days grandparents!

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Blogger Jenny said...

Thanks for the encouragement. It seems like this season has gotten worse and worse and less and less happy the older that I get. I've had to make the decision to enjoy it as well.

12/07/2008 2:53 PM  

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