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Wednesday, November 19, 2008


didnt know how else to title this post.

anyway, today we were at walmart this morning(joy of joys). i had already successfully managed to complete my morning workout at the gym, arrive at walmart and find a great space, nurse jaxon in the van because he was starving, get a "good" buggy (the larger gray one that can hold an infant carrier and jordan can sit comfortably in the buggy part).

so i was feeling pretty great, jordan was in a wonderful mood and singing with me while eating his snack. we were halfway done with our trip when a man approached us and looked at jordan and said "you ARE in public". he was singing Jesus Loves Me loudly, but was not being obnoxious, just a typical toddler. my face dropped. all i could say was "he's two years old, give him a break". jordan, unphased began to sing This Little Light of Mine, even louder. I smiled and continued shopping. I loved when i met the same mean man aisle after aisle and jordan's songs got a bit louder each time. i actually began to encourage his singing.

i mean, consider the alternatives....he could have been whining. he could have been whining and jaxon could've been screaming. geez. i wanted to ask the man if he ever two years old...or did he ever have a two year old, or a two year old grandson. it just completely baffled me. but it wont steal our joy. if you see us in walmart in the near future jordan will likely be singing. and i'll likely be encouraging it. it's just what he likes to do.....

and, just wondering, is there a law against walmart....or in PUBLIC????



Blogger Hugh & Hollie Carson said...

The gall! Here's what webster has to say about gall: brazen boldness coupled with impudent assurance and insolence

LOL! I'm totally laughing out loud right now. Ohhhh man. I needed that laugh. I just read your post outloud to Hugh and I just started rolling as I told him that I could TOTALLY see you saying that to that man. And then I started laughing harder as I thought about what your face looked like dropping upon hearing said words. LOL! I wish I could have been there. Hilar. Laney sings too and very, very loudly. Jesus loves me is her absolute favorite. Keep singing and representing Jordan!

Hey, I thought about your hubby today as I was reading about Asa in 2 Chronicles. I've only met one Asah in my life, so I can't help but think about Asah Hudgins. Great man after which to be named.

11/20/2008 10:44 PM  
Blogger Jenny said...

What audacity! Maybe he's in the early stages of alzheimer's or something. My word! That's totally unbelievable.

11/21/2008 7:21 PM  

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