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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

in a few weeks.....

my big boy will be THREE! where is the time going????

we're planning a big "fiesta" here at the Hudgins house! we are super excited.

on the homefront, both boys are still battling the crud. both cough non-stop throughout the day and night. it has been 3 weeks now. my patience is wearing then and i'm slap worn out. i pray and pray and pray for relief for them. we've tried different meds/combinations of meds/no meds; etc. the doctor wanted them both on the steroid prednisone to which i responded a resounding NO WAY. jordan's been on that a few times in his short life and the outcome was always terrible side effects. night terrors, zombie like state, personality changes. i won't even attempt to put jaxon through that. we are hoping once the weather levels out their symptoms will too. but for now it's breathing treatment upon breathing treatment until they have relief. i'll end with a picture of my other favorite little "big" guy this week:



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