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Sunday, February 01, 2009

new family member?

asah was mowing grass yesterday when a large brown dog came out of the woods. he saw him out of the corner of his eye and he looked like a bear. so that's what we call him. Bear. hes very big, old, and slow moving (aka lazy). he lets jordan do whatever he wants with him and just lays on our carport or back porch all day. last night it was cool out so we put a big blanket out and he's lazed around on it all day.

we didnt really want a dog but he seems to be ours now. we've been feeding him scraps and he just seems like he's home. it looks like he used to be someone's dog but they removed the collar; and likely dropped him off. we dont have a fence, or any "doggie equipment"; nor can we really afford him, so we're just waiting to see if he sticks around. jordan is already talking about him alot ("See Bear"; See Doggie, then he whistles for him and tells him to "Sit".)

anyway, we like the big guy. maybe the newest member of the family :)

who's chasing who??



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