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Wednesday, April 15, 2009


our easter looked a bit different than most families i suppose. better get used to it as asah is in ministry and not looking to a career change anytime soon :)
the day started by him leaving the house at 5am(totally normal) for finishing touches on the sermon and preps at the church.
my day started whenever jax woke me up for his early morning meal. i showered and got the boys ready and then we were off. i ended up working in the nursery due to lack of volunteers and missed the service (that's ok too...just part of it!)
we came home and had a wonderful lunch together (ham and the fixins) and after the boys both took a long sunday nap we let them peek at their Easter baskets. they really racked up with goodies from Mommy and Daddy plus the 3 sets of grandparents. waaaaay too much sugar. jordan was in heaven!
it was a low key day, but a great time to remember Christ's sacrifice for us.
**i TOTALLY failed to snap a pic of both boys in their Easter outfits...but i'll dress them in them again and get one. they were both way too tired after church to cooperate!



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