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Monday, July 06, 2009

trip to GA: sweet time with family and friends!

our weeklong trip to GA was restful, and it was so nice to see many family and friends. We love and miss everyone and its always nice to be able to visit, even though most times only for a short while. here are a few pictures. i was good about taking them at the start of the trip, then slacked off towards the end. i didnt get any at the farm or revival leg of the trip :( we were too busy eating and sleeping!!! oh, well. the revival went well, the boys had a good time. God is good.

Pool time with cousin Sumner. Had a ball.

pool time with Uncle Tyler at Daddy's house. He jumped off the diving board 100+ times and spent hours in the pool.

It's always nice when you can get them to do THIS in the car, at the same time. Rarely happens but when it does, it's great!

juice break. we have lots of juice, and snacks, and anything else to keep us occupied for 7+ hours. this was J's first trip "potty trained". he did awesome. and i love having boys. we just pulled off on the side of the road each time and let him "potty in the grass".



Blogger Mallory, Amy & John Mark said...

Tara, glad you all had a good trip. maybe we canhook up sometime in so. georgia/n. florida. or, maybe in alabama when i go to see my fam. would love to see you guys.


7/06/2009 1:17 PM  

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