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Monday, August 24, 2009

the latest. warning: small novel to follow

here are some much needed updates on the fam:

we'll go youngest to's that?

jax: ONE. in 3 short days. i cannot believe it. can't wait to get some current weight/height stats at the doc this week. he is MASSIVE. getting very tall too. he had on some PJ's last night that looked like capri pants. Pulling up and cruising, but no "walking" just yet. he's starting to hear the word "No!" a lot. Loves to dumpster dive and hang out in the bathroom getting into the toilet if the door is left open. Will eat anything and everything off the floor. Found a grape in his mouth this morning from who knows when. Hope it wasnt fermented. Very loveable and a wonderful sleeper now. Just took him a long time to get there. Not doing to great with the transition to whole milk. Spitting up a lot. Will have to ask the doc about that when we go. Loves his ba ba so I'm not going to take it away just yet. Newest recommendation is by 18 months and I just want him to stay a baby for awhile longer so I'm in no rush. Be on the lookout for a "Jax's first year video" soon. I still cant believe it. My baby! One!

jordan: my little trooper. he really is doing well. there are days when you'd never know his struggles. So far we're in limbo and playing the waiting game and I'm fighting like all get out to get his therapies started ASAP. This week we have a hearing evaluation with the School System (must have this in order to get the full evaluation to see if we qualify for Special Education services in our district)
Friday he has a THREE HOUR eval with a psychologist for some other services we're applying for. I have no idea what they'll do with him for Three Hours but hopefully this will be helpful as we go to the School districts Eval/IEP meeting.
We've also learned about and applied for the Familiy Opportunity Act Buy-In program through Medicaid for Children with Disabilities. This will come alongside our private insurance and pay for what our insurance does not cover. I was thrilled to find out that we qualified and we should know in 3-4 weeks if we're approved. If so I can get him into speech and occupational therapy through that as we wait on the school system to get their act together. As for ABA, which is what we REALLY want for Jordan, we are just waiting. It is so expensive, and while the law was recently passed for insurance to cover it, we are finding that not many providers are accepting insurance yet. GRRRRRRR! the GOOD news is we know of at least 2 schools in our area with "autism classes" that are practicing ABA with the students. No, it would not be the one-on-one therapy that we feel he needs, but it would be a start.
so, theres where we're at. please pray that as we "work the system" we would find the BEST treatments for Jordan. we need wisdom!
he is learning so much these days. we have been Paci-Free for 2 weeks. he can (almost) dress himself and is eating a ton better. There are really good days, when i ask him questions and he answers them and seems like your average 3 year old...then there are days....asah and i call them "autistic days" when he's not engaged, prone to tantrums, and seems very frustrated with communication and simple tasks. We love more and more every day though. If ya know Jordan, you know how simply wonderful he is, happy kid, very endearing. We know he's gonna be just fine.

Tara: hmmmmm. i am learning so much. God's been teaching me a lot about who He is through this summers craziness. I recently got laid off at the Gym so I am working at the Church Parking Lot on Fridays. I still have my 3 regular clients (bookkeeping) and potentially a 4th (coffee shop) that I'm heading to tonight. I'm the Nursery Coordinator at church and that's been taking a ton of my time since the move. We now have 50 volunteers who are on the rotation for the Nursery. It's awesome! So glad to be a part of that. I have also met so many moms (through support group and trainings) who have children with some sort of disability who feel they cannot go to church because of their children. I want to change that. I want to welcome them to ours. I'm hoping this will come together soon with either a class for them or extra workers who are trained to help children with autism and other challenges so that they'll feel comfortable leaving their children in the Nursery and enjoying Worship. I also just got my hand on a book that I LOVE..."The Autism Acceptance Book" which teaches others how to be a friend to someone with Autism. I love it! Great for kids who want to reach out and learn more.

Asah: this pastor's been BUSY. one week i counted and i promise he did an 80 hour week. with moving, re-branding, and Launching Crossroads, he's been a busy guy. I'm so very proud of him. This Sunday we had 170+ in attendance and 3 people who were interested in a Relationship with Christ! Exciting times in our church for sure. We recently welcomed many College Students back to a new semester, and I'm just so excited to see what God does in our church the remainder of this year and beyond. Check out the new site!

I could probably write much more still, but 2 monkies should be waking from a nap soon and I have a little more to do before they get up.

Love to all, we'll be heading to the beach soon and also to GA (briefly) for a little birthday gathering. Hope to see many friends and family there!



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