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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

where are we?

still waiting on a lot of things. still hoping and praying and seeking and just letting the Lord guide us. and he is. and he will. i know that He will continue to lead us to every last thing that this precious kid needs.

Jordan has started speech therapy and has really taken to his sweet therapist and loves going. He has speech two times each week for an hour and 15 minutes. He works individually as well as with another little boy who's only one week older, but has no words. The therapists say that when Jordan is in the room the other little guy responds so well....but when he's not he's kicking and screaming and not participating. It helped knowing that Jordan, who needs tons of help himself, can still be a help to others through this. That's my prayer....that while we're in this mess....we can still help others....experiencing the same mess.

We were "partially evaluated" last week (Oct 8). Not everything was completed so we go back at the end of the month.....then.....Services? Could it be? Services! After almost 4 months of trying for them. J is now 3 1/2. Valuable time is wasting. I'm glad we'll likely get him the help he needs...but I'm starting to loathe the "system". My child needs help. Let's do everything we can to get him there. Time is so precious right now!

God's providing all around. We were approved for FOA Medicaid for Jordan, meaning it will pay over and above our private insurance for therapies, etc. Great news! Especially that it is retro-active and will cover several things we paid out of pocket for since May. We also met the Autism Teacher at the school we're already districted for. She's the wife of a doctor in town, and upon first meeting, we were amazed at her passion for her students. And J could be her student NEXT year. That is crazy to think about. We may not be 100% fond of the school, but the teacher would be a great fit in our opinion. And the way we met....just incredible....we were table hosts at the Pregnancy Centers annual banquet and they just "happened to be" sitting at our table....but we know better! We know who seated them there!

So.....maybe we'll stay put. Let the economy settle a bit more before trying to sell the house. Definitely an option now. We'll see.

Just wanted to give an update. And share this sweet pic. All dressed up for dinner out tonight. We were treated to dinner by the church Asah preached at. Jordan looks so grown up here! And happy.

Thanks for your prayers.

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Blogger Michael and Andrea plus Baby Dawg said...

This little man just steals your heart! Praying for you guys!

10/15/2009 9:00 PM  
Blogger Shelley said...

that is an adorable picture. thanks for sharing all that. it reminds me to pray.

10/18/2009 10:23 PM  

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