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Saturday, November 28, 2009

O Tannenbaum!

Yesterday we went out in traditional fashion and picked out the tree. The boys especially enjoyed the super loud quacking ducks and watching the pigs eat corn. Jordan told me that the corn was their lunch. I thought that was a great observation, it was lunchtime. We found a great tree in minimal time so while Daddy got it cut and loaded up we played on the super awesome playground and rode the "train". We made a stop on the way home for "chicken and french fries", per Jordans request...then decorated the tree when they woke up from naps. I forgot to get a picture of the finished product; bu we've already made some revisions (after losing 3 glass ornaments to a certain 15 month old who thinks they are "balls" and wants to throw them). We went to the $$ Tree to buy some gaudy plastic ones to hang on the low branches for him. I know that one day we'll look back and treasure these moments when they were small...and decorating the tree/keeping it standing! was not an easy task.

view from the train.

my hair is getting way too long. i need a cut desperately....geez!

they buried a tractor and boat in the sand...making it perfect size for kids to play on. smart idea!

sitting in the chicken poop. seriously. he was under the cages where the chickens were kept...and sitting where their poop drops. gross. i removed him as soon as i realized that. well, after the picture.


i see the perfect tree over here dad!

this one!

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Blogger Shelley said...

isn't it funny that you do not realize how long your hair is until you see a picture. i did the same thing when i saw mine in some christmas pictures. therefore it is getting whacked tonight.

12/09/2009 7:39 AM  

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