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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

great doc's visit

just got back from the doctor and it was a good visit. got to hear the heartbeat again, i can't get enough of it! this time it was around 150 bpm. thats nice and strong. we scheduled our big ultrasound for nov 29!!! i am so excited. I've gained another 4 lbs this month, bringing it up to 7 total. i know its only the beginning!!
well, i need to get a few things done but just wanted to update everyone.
please pray for our pastor's little boy, Cade...he's in the hospital with a virus, ear infection, and possible pneumonia. We went to see him after my docs appt. We were supposed to be keeping him for the weekend while his parents went on vacation, but looks like their trip will be postponed. pray for peace and rest for all of them!



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