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Thursday, June 21, 2007

caves in FL and a couple random shots

hmmmmm...wonder where he gets this from? we thought it was hilarious that he was sitting, indian style, staring intently at the TV.

After our beach trip last week we had the pleasure of meeting up with Asahs parents for one night, we all camped out in a hotel then explored some caves in Marianna with Mimi, Papa, Asahs sis and bro in law and their two lil ones. it was a quick gathering but good to see them for sure! jordan wasn't that big of a fan of the dark caves.

funny shot taken by mimi as he was getting his diaper changed.

update on us:
we are good. i have increased my hours at the Restoration Pregnancy Resource Center so Jordan and I are there around 15 hours/week. He does well there with naps, etc and I get some more time to be involved in this wonderful Ministry! i also have 2 regular clients for bookkeeping from home. it keeps me hopping!

asah is also hopping! praise God the candidate for assoc. pastor will be preaching in view of a call this Sunday. please pray that our church does what GOD would have us do in calling a new staff member. these are exciting times!

this morning i found a flight to Jacksonville, FL from New Orleans for $59 bucks! so jordan and i are flying to FL and my mom will pick us up and drive us to GA so we can spend some time with Pops, Gram, Papa, and Mema in Omega and Tifton. Then Asah will drive to GA and pick us up that weekend so we can head to the Hudgins family reunion.

we continue to stay busy with traveling and work, etc...but it's fun and we love for our family to be able to see the J-man.

asthma update: no breathing treatments in well over a week now! thanks for the prayers. he is doing much better.

speaking of Jordan, it's time to wake him from his slumber. he has slept the afternoon away and i want the kid to sleep tonight. he is cutting teeth #'s 13 and 14 and i gave him tylenol...apparently it worked cause it really helped him to rest today....

we love you guys.


Blogger Trent and Jaci said...

Sounds like you guys have had an eventful week! That's great that ya'll are getting to go to GA though! Don't konw when we will be heading down there, eventually sometime!!! Have a safe flight and have fun!!! Love ya'll!!!!!

6/21/2007 8:34 PM  
Blogger Carsons Inc. said...

look at those calves!! Jordan has muscular calves! You are going to have one big boy one day! :) How fun!

6/26/2007 7:25 AM  

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