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Monday, December 17, 2007

One Night in Bethlehem, The Jeep, and a sick Boy

i decided to combine these posts because we are scrambling to get ready for our trek to GA.

we went to "One Night In Bethlehem" with several friends and despite the COLD air that moved in it was great fun. It was really well done, we got on a "train ride" and went through the different scenes the night of Jesus' birth. They did a great job portraying the real meaning of Christmas. Probably wasnt the greatest idea to take Jordan out in it, because the next day he woke up sicker than sick....but I thought because he'd started his antibiotic he may be okay. Bummer. He has managed to play in his new Jeep a bit and actually started to get the hang of "driving" it. And the last pics show just how bad he feels. For anyone that knows J, he is NEVER still. these just break my heart cause I know he feels like dirt.

i just have to comment on this pic. Krista turned around trying to catch a shot of us but Jordan was wiggling to get out of Asah's arms and it was dark so she couldnt really see what she was getting. Instead there are Jake and Abe right in the middle. It was pretty funny.


Blogger Kelly said...

Awwh....he looks so sad. Poor thing. Hope he feels better soon!

12/19/2007 3:27 PM  
Blogger Hollie said...

Oh yeah, we had that crud. It hung on for dear life too. It was TERRIBLE. Laney and I both had it and we were in GA for the worst part. Talk about torture. NO sleep AT ALL. I hope you feel better.

Now, I'm assuming you had Christmas on Dec 15th b/c you were leaving to go to GA, but are you still in LA (Dec 20th?) I'm just wondering if you have a special Hudgins Christmas tradition or something cool like that.

Anywho, Miss you. Wish I could see you. Poor J. He looks so sad and miserable. I hope you all get to feeling better soon. love you

12/20/2007 8:34 PM  

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