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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

easter treats!

i'm getting so excited for easter this year, even though asah will be far away on a mission trip....
i'm going to try and bake my first ham....
and i also found these on the web today and fell in love!
How Adorable are these???? I love rice krispie treats and I love Peeps so these are perfect!

Here are instructions: CLICK HERE

And here's a pic. The picture doesnt include the green-dyed coconut "grass" but you could add that or just leave them like this. I think Jordan will love them!



Blogger Trent and Jaci said...

So I have to say these are the cutest little treats ever!!! I am gonna make them with Halleigh and Jordan for Easter weekend! Thanks for the idea! Hope all is well with you guys!

3/06/2008 8:43 PM  

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