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Saturday, July 12, 2008

just because

because maybe i haven't posted much of Jordan in action lately......

someone said to me the other day; "I've never seen Jordan walk anywhere. He always runs". You know, now that i think about it; I haven't either. Jordan runs EVERYWHERE he goes. if i say, "Time for bed"...he runs there. or "Lunch time"...he runs to his chair. Funny. He truly lives life to the fullest and doesn't waste time getting where he's going. I think the only time he's ever walked is when holding our hands.
The newest thing is jumping wherever he goes and counting as you can see by the video. It cut off as my battery died but I got enough so you get the idea. This happens multiple times daily...he'll jump down the hall or through the living room. I love it. I love that he has so much energy and joy. Makes us wonder what Jaxon will be like! That much energy or a much more laid back version? We'll see! Either way we can't wait!

Stay tuned for a video "concert" courtesy of the little guy. He's got so many new songs in his repertoire.....



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