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Sunday, August 03, 2008


we were so blessed to have a shower after church today. we love our church family and received so many wonderful things for jaxon. he's now well stocked with diapers, cute little personalized things and a few new outfits. it's nice to feel so loved and have the excitement of seeing our family grow shared by so many.
after looking over these pics i realize that i'm getting rather large! this time next week i HAD jordan. people were asking today and i just feel like this one will be stubborn and take awhile. we'll see!

here are some highlights from the shower today:

(jordan was more interested in the cake than a photo op)


a few really cute things....

mommy bracelet with their names...

diaper holder...

cute "stats" sign for his room:

jordan helped me put away the helped i mean played in jaxons crib :)



Blogger angie said...

Hey Tara...sorry we were not able to make it. We were out of town visiting my grandfather before school starts. It looks like ya'll had fun and got some neat stuff. I love that sign Krista made you. Not too much longer now!

8/05/2008 8:23 AM  

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