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Friday, February 06, 2009

year end = done = much more time to post

made it through another year end. W2's, W3's, L-1's, L-3's, 941s, 940s, donation receipts, financials, etc, all DONE. for all my clients. woo hoo!
i didnt know how i was going to get it all done, but somehow, someway, on Jan 31 I had met my deadlines. phew. havent done a year end with 2 kids yet. was quite challenging.

now on to who you really want to hear about:

jordan: my ticker says he's 2 years 10 months today. i cannot believe my baby is gonna be THREE soon. we are beginning to plan his Third Birthday Celebration and I'm super excited. We are still working on Potty Training (not even close really) and getting rid of the Paci. These are two biggies I was hoping to acheive by 3. But we shall see. Someone had great words of wisdom the other day about Potty Training. The longer you wait, the easier it is. They just "get it" one day. I'm sure hoping that's the case with Jordan. I'm so ready to stop buying two sets of diapers!

jaxon: my fat n happy 5 month old. he is learning new things daily, and FINALLY rolled over this week. he is happiest when being held and able to look around, but he also plays pretty well by himself. he's super smiley and i love his cuddles. he's tried so many new foods over the past couple weeks and the only thing he clearly dislikes is bananas. still waking up at least once/night for a snack. i'm hoping that we can cut that out soon. it hurts my heart to let him cry for too long at night. the other night i let him go for about 20 minutes before i just could not stand it anymore. as soon as he's fed he'll fall back asleep for another 4/5 hours. it's just taking a lot longer than with jordan to get the whole "sleep through the night thing" down. we are making progress though....

Bear: (See post below)- sweet Bear was only our pet for 3 short days. we quickly fell in love but suspected he had heartworms. with a trip to the vet for a checkup we were correct and very sad. asah had grown very attached. We all had. he was such a sweet doggie. we could not afford the treatments so we had to take him to the Animal Shelter. Supposedly there is a Lab Rescue in the area that goes around to shelters and adopts Labs and pays for their treatments. We are HOPING this happened for Bear.

that's about it. pray for me as i'm a "single mom" the next 5 days as asah's at a Pastor's Conference. I'm looking forward to loving on my boys....just praying for tons of energy.

hopefully i'll snap some new pictures over the next few days to post!

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