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Sunday, March 29, 2009

this post is a week late.....

last sunday we ventured out to Cate Square on a BEAUTIFUL day to listen to the music. every 3rd Sunday they have live music and we really enjoyed ourselves. Jordan mostly wanted to play in the park....but when they brought out the fiddle he was super excited. he kept shouting "VIOLIN! VIOLIN!" and wanting to run closer to the stage. he is facsinated with violins these days (and will be getting a play one for his birthday very soon!!!)

i'm hoping this video shows a bit of jaxon's little personality that is just blooming! he is such a happy go lucky sweetheart of a baby. his smile lights up his entire body and i love it when he "bounces". the second 1/2 is of him and his friend macauley. she's a month older.



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