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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

this week

Jordan and Jaxon continue to LOVE each other; whenver Jax is down for a nap Jordan is always asking me "Where's Brother?" And when we get out of the car at the store he always reminds me "Go get brother!". (Just in case I was going to forget and leave him in the van)

Here they are playing outside yesterday. I pulled out the walker for Jaxon and although he cant "walk" it yet it made for a nice place for him to sit and watch Jordan. We were also surprised yesterday by the Ice Cream man coming down the road. I grabbed a few bucks and told Jordan it was the Ice cream man. He didnt know what that meant until I let him pick out something from all the pictures on the side of the van that was playing the music. He got a Dora ice cream. Probably a mistake. Now everytime he comes by J will want to get something. Oh, well.

giving brother kisses

both are suffering from round #2 allergies/asthma attack. at least this time we recognized it immediately and jumped on the treatments. Jordan gets Zyrtec and Pulmicort breathing treatments along with a cough syrup. Benadryl seems to do the trick for Jaxon. We also think tooth #1 is about to make it's grand entrance. There's a tiny white bump on the bottom gums.....

i cannot believe Jordan will be 3 in a couple weeks. He is growing up so fast. He has almost mastered the 3rd part of his Catechism which amazed both asah and I last night. The question is super long but he repeated the answer back almost verbatim! He memorizes well, much better than his mama.



Blogger allison said...

Question about the catechism...are you guys having him memorize question and answer or are you also using the scripture references/scripture passages? just curious. We plan to use some form of catechism with McKinley too...obviously we have a little time before then.

3/24/2009 7:12 PM  
Blogger The Hudgins said...

good question allison! we added the catechism to our family worship time at night. after baths and teeth brushing, etc. we pile up on our bed (even jaxon!) and we start with the questions/answers from the Catechism...then read a scripture that corresponds. he's not memorizing the scripture yet...just the questions/answers but potentially something to add in the future? we then let him pick a song to sing and everyone prays. i always thought the Cathechism was an only catholic thing to do...but i am learning/seeing right before my eyes the value of memorizing Biblical truths!

3/25/2009 8:40 AM  
Blogger allison said...

Thanks Tara. Yep catechism is really cool in teaching those simple Biblical truths, especially at Jordan's age since he can't read yet. I think that's awesome how you guys have made it a family time together. Thanks for the response.

3/25/2009 9:28 AM  

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