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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

iphone candids from the past 5 months

here are some from the past months taken from the trusty phone.  some need no explanation :) 
 I saw this rainbow on Jax's birthday.  It was a special time to remember God's Promises.  We trust in Him!
I love being married to this man! 
The Childrens Museum opened in Hammond this Fall, and the boys LOVE it there.  Asah and Jordan were inside of a bubble in this pic.
 One day Chelsea left her glasses over at our place, and J had fun trying them on.
Jordans FIRST trip to the movies.  Thank You, AMC for offering Sensory Friendly Films in Hammond!  He's never been able to go before.  They turn the lights only to dim, they turn the sound down, and kids are allowed to roam freely as needed.  It was a wonderful experience and we'll be back for sure!
 J the Blue Ranger.
Jaxons Birthday at Catfish Charlies.  There was a live band that night and they did a special "Happy Birthday" song for him.  He was smiling and clapping along here.
 Jax my Red Ranger.

 1st attempt at Potty Training.  Verdict=Not quite ready yet.



Blogger Shelley said...

lots to comment on but i am amazed that there is a children's museum in Hammond. awesome!

12/17/2010 7:33 PM  

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