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Saturday, January 19, 2008

little update

so with all the new baby excitement and year end work i havent really had time for just a regular update.

here goes!

what is Jordan up to?
trouble! he is INTO everything! right now he's turning off the computer screen as i type. but this is such a wonderful age. new words every single day....and he amazes me at what he picks up and remembers.

we also have a new lake outside our house. not on purpose. it has rained the past two days so this is our backyard as of this morning. not pretty.

here is our week in review:

fun in the bathroom. we finally bought a toilet for Jordan and he's just getting used to it right now. he's also really into rolling out the TP. he's clogged our toilet twice throwing pieces in there and trying to flush.
we did have a breakthrough yesterday before bathtime. i took his diaper off and ask if he wanted to tee tee. he said yes and did it all over the floor before i had time to get him on the potty. oh well.

this is a scooter he got for Christmas. he thinks its a car. so he rides on it that way. i've shown him how to stand and scoot but he prefers this method. to each his own!

lake Hudgins

we're learning to use a spoon!

this is what i call his "sick spot". it is SO WEIRD but this spot appears when he's about to get a sinus infection or have to be on breathing treatments. it never fails. just on that side of his face, and he usually wakes up with it. the doc couldnt explain it. asah says he comes with an indicator. if we see the spot we need to start treatments. this popped up yesterday but so far he's sounded okay so we're holding off.

early a.m. fun!



Blogger Hollie said...

he looks so much like you Tara! I can understand the toilet paper rolling! The potty training stories are so cute! Can you send some rain our way?

1/22/2008 8:51 AM  

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