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Thursday, August 07, 2008

still on the couch....

i turned in my 24 hr test this morning and they took a zillion viles of my blood. i asked when the results would be back (praying today or tomorrow..) and they said I'll know at my appointment on TUESDAY. i'm staring at them thinking, that's 5 days away....there's no way....but that's the word.
so i'm still in bed until then. and then they'll be checking for any progress and making a decision on induction i suppose.
Grrrrr! frustrating.
But i do want Jaxon to be completely ready. Just never realized how much being forced to stay in bed would stink; especially with a toddler who doesnt understand why i'm just lounging and a very busy husband who really needs to get work done.
It's just a season though...and there's a reason for it. So we wait some more....



Blogger The Hartzog's said...

AHHH Tara!!! I can't believe it's happened again? What in the world!? You just hang in there and get some good rest for you and little buddy Jaxon. We'll be praying for ya'll.

8/07/2008 9:26 PM  

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