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Monday, April 27, 2009

bloggy break

we interrupt this usually updated blog with a bit of a break until life gets a bit more sane.
bear with me! i promise the boys are just as cute as ever, it's just we're in a "busy season" and i am going 90 miles an hour this week.

here's the rundown of the hats i currently wear:

THRIVE CONFERENCE-this weekend! wow, i've never been involved (at this level) of planning such an event, but i am soooooo excited and God is so good. it's going to be awesome, and i cant wait to see the vision that Krista and I had back last fall come to fruition. If you havent registered yet, but are in the area, or want to drive to Hammond and come to a great Women's Conference, come on! we'd love to have you.....(click on link for more details)

End of Quarter Stuff for my Bookkeeping Clients

Outpatient surgery on Thursday for the skin cancer on my back

"Interim" (ha ha) Church Secretary until probably September.....

Kids Korner Employee at North Cypress Fitness
(Fridays only)

wife/ministry Partner to a wonderful husband

mommy to two sweet little boys

a full plate, a full heart at the moment.

cant wait to share more, but it will have to be later! i have a to-do list a mile long and it's naptime for two monkies.

love to all!



Blogger Josh and Donna said...

we will miss you dearly but know this is the best decision. i pray all goes well, can't wait to hear about the conference! hugs!

4/27/2009 10:03 PM  

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