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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

by the numbers.......

thought this would be a fun way to do an update:


39- weight in lbs

4- approximate viewings of "elmo" segment of sesame street each day

9- approximate number of times per day he asks to play outside or go to the pool

12 (at least)-potty breaks per day. i think he's just fascinated with it right now. lots of helping put underwear back on.

2 (hours)-usual length of afternoon nap

4-# we're on in the catechism. he has the 1st 4 questions and answers memorized.

1:1 (Genesis)-has memorized his 1st Bible verse. "in the beginning God created the Heavens and the Earth"

7:30 (pm)-bedtime


24- weight in lbs at 8 month checkup

4- teeth

3- meals a day. loves his fruits and veggies and we've started adding a serving of yogurt at breakfast.

4-5- # of times he nurses a day.

0- # of times he nurses at night (we're "kicking the habit" and so far so good!!)

1-pacifier that he loves.

2-naps per day. (each 1-2 hours in length.)

6:00 (am)-preferred wakeup time. (his preference not mine!)

6:30 (pm)-night night jax!



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