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Monday, May 31, 2010

suave professionals

i havent done a "deal of the week" in forever; so here's a good one...
Suave has a new line of Shampoo/Conditioner out that are supposed to be comparable to Aveda.  The scent is dead on and it cleans/conditions well too.  I LOVE the rosemary/mint version.  Anyway, the coupon is for $1 off and it's only $1.89 at my Walmart making it 89c!  Not too shabby.
Click here to print coupon. (Can print twice).



Blogger The Rollins Family said...

As an Aveda professional, I must say that it doesn't compare! Ok, so it's a tad less expensive, but still. Just Kidding! Good job.

6/01/2010 12:32 AM  

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