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Sunday, August 17, 2008

blog cleanup, the countdown is on, etc

i did a bit of blog cleanup this morning and removed some of the bargain/couponing links that no longer work, added a few new ones, etc

i also (sadly) removed a few blogs from my links that havent been updated in awhile (by awhile i mean since 2007 or so). i miss hearing from these folks through their blogs but i totally understand that life gets busy!

well, the countdown is ON! TEN days till the scheduled induction unless this dude decides to come sooner. i feel like 10 days is much more attainable....i CAN do this! i've been on bedrest since the 5th, so that makes 12 days of bedrest so far....which has really been a challenge.
maybe i'll start a see if readers think he'll come sooner or stay comfy until the 27th. hmmmmm.....

asah's preaching today; my friend just picked up Jordan for church, so I'm off to listen to a sermon online or something till my boys get home.

hope everyone has a GREAT sunday.



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