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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

jaxon update

we're still here....and on bedrest.  my body is responding well to resting and my BP and swelling are well managed.  i am not dilated at all and jaxon just isnt quite ready to come out yet.  he measures about 6.5 lbs and is happy cooking away so that's the way we'll remain for 2 weeks...or less. 
because i'm threatning pre-eclampsia and had it with jordan i will not go past my due date.  we have August 27 scheduled as the induction date if he doesn't decide to come sooner.
just wanted to update our readers!

please keep us in your prayers as we continue to try and manage our "spirited" toddler and as Asah tries to get some work done!  he plans on going back to work 1/2 days and I'll be entertaining Jordan as low key as possible in the mornings.  hmmmm.  low key.  Jordan.  we'll see :)



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