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Sunday, October 26, 2008

scary saturday night

if you are a pastor's wife, or someone in your family is a pastor, you know how saturday nights can be. satan usually uses them as the perfect time to attack....right before the worship meeting on sundays.
we've seen it over and over again. kids getting sick late into the night, pesky dogs barking, conflict, etc. never fails.
last night after it was over i thought to myself..."saturday night".

i had just finished feeding jaxon at midnight and went ahead to sleep in his room since asah's up at five to prep on sundays. at one a.m. the doorbell rang. i wasnt going to get up, then it rings again. thinking this could wake one of the boys i got up and opened the blind. a lady was standing there saying her car was out of gas and she needed a few dollars. fine. asah came to the door at this point (we never opened the front door) and ushered her to our side entrance.
she was cold and asked to come in so we let her in the doorway (mistake #1). asah went to get dressed and was going to take her back to her car. we gave her $2 (all the cash we had)...there went my breakfast biscuit this morning!!! and i gave her a sweatshirt since she was freezing.
as soon as they left i felt like something wasnt right. i gave asah 5 minutes and i was calling. i called 3 times before he answered (he didnt hear the first two). anyway, he dropped her off because she had him driving a good ways from our house with no car in sight. she also wanted him to turn down an unlit road. he was like no way i dont believe you and told her to get out of the car.
CRAZY!!!! who knows what was down that road if anything.
anyway, when he was safely home in the wee hours of the morning we came up with a safety plan for our home.

1. always set the alarm at night.
2. never let anyone in. ever. unless we know them personally. risks are just too great.
3. set alarm when leaving.

isnt it sad that you cant really "help" people anymore because you do not know who to trust? i really dont like that.

so there's our saturday night. after this jaxon was up at 3 and 5....i am exhausted once again. i mean, how can you go to sleep after something like that anyway??

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Blogger The Hartzog's said...

No Kidding!! That is scary! Just yesterday we were headed up from south GA and had stopped off at a rest area for a picnic. While we were there eating we witnesses 2 different scams from people trying to bum money. We were sitting there for a while so we saw that the blown out tire was really fake when the guy looked both ways and then pulled out a good tire, put it on and left and then the other guy who had car trouble and needed money...after a while looked around, got in his car and left. That was TWO at the same rest area! It really makes you not trust strangers when they have a story of being in need. Glad ya'll are okay!

10/26/2008 3:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That is so weird Tara. Really makes you wonder what she was up to. Definitely sounds like Satan was up to something! Saturday nights/Sunday mornings are always crazy. Last night Chad and I went to bed sometime after midnight - his alarm goes off at 4:50 so we knew we didn't have a lot of sleep to get and then Charlie woke up screaming (very odd) and ended up watching Cars in bed with us until 2:30. No surprise Chard overslept!!

10/26/2008 5:59 PM  

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