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Thursday, June 09, 2005

good morning/afternoon/night?

i awoke at 3 am today to board a plane to Atlanta. i don't know what kind of drugs i was taking when i booked the flight. i got into atl around 7:30, dead in the middle of rush hour traffic and drove to NAMB.....what a trip! it is now mid afternoon and i feel like i've been run over!
but man, it was good to be back "home". it was like i never left! being here made me realize how much i miss my "team" in accounting. being by yourself in an office is WAY different than having constant fellowship of others. it is nice to be here today, and tomorrow.
tonight i'm spending time with a couple folks from work, and tomorrow night my mom comes in and we're going shopping. then i hop on a plane back to cajun country, and back to the place where we call "home" at the moment.
home is wherever you make it, ya know? an important lesson to learn.
love from atlanta!


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