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Friday, June 24, 2005

late night

man i'm really keeping up with this blog! i've posted fairly consistently over the past few days! yay.
last night i babysat reagan, asah's cousin's little girl. we had a really good time. asah came with pizza after he got off work and we watched the basketball playoffs. the spurs came through! that's who we were going for. we got home close to needless to say my eyes are heavy this a.m.
i'm glad the playoffs are over, because of all the sports to watch on tv, i really don't get into basketball. college football, however, is another story and the time for that is quickly approaching. i'm so ready for august for that very reason!
tonight we're going to see more sports action as we go to a zephyrs game. they're a farm team for baseball here in new orleans. i think there are fireworks tonight too, so that should be fun.
well, i hope everyone has a good weekend. this week kind of flew by for us.


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