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Friday, June 11, 2010

life update

my husband asked me the other day if i still blogged.  guess it's been awhile.  theres a reason for that.....because 40 hours of my week are now spent here:

the first day of our 'new normal' was on may 13.  so almost a month later i think we're finally on a bit of a schedule and we've finally figured out what it looks like the be a 2 parent working outside the home family.  not only that but a 2 parent working outside the home family in ministry with a special needs child.  phew.
it can be done!  by God's grace we are learning how to manage the home, take care of the boys needs, communicate, rely on God and one another like never before.  the first week i found myself thinking we must've made a mistake....but I know this is best for our family, and God has provided.  i love my new job and coworkers, and that has made the transition much more bearable.  the boys are WELL taken care of and we are so thankful for a wonderful sitter to look after them this summer!  Jordan finished up school earlier this month and started speech camp this week.  Because I'm a proud mama, I'll show you more lines and a bit of tracing done with his therapist there (the check marks are letters he traced all by himself.  this is HUGE forward progress!!) 
He'll go another 2 weeks this month, Monday-Thursday. He LOVES it! and i love that he's on campus. I pick him up each day on my lunch break and take him home for a nap. so glad i get to do that and hear all about his time at camp.  And because I can, here's another brag from J's camp the first of the week he was unsure, and a bit unsettled about a new place and new people, and usually when J is exposed to 'new' he copes by outbursts (screaming) and it's just difficult.  the therapist said he did it the first day, less on the 2nd and by days 3 and 4 he was having a great time!  here is his report from the last days of the week.  SO proud of him!

Jax is his usual hilarious self, bubbling with personality and there isnt a day that goes by he doesnt  have us rolling...he's also the most polite and affectionate little guy.  we love this dude!  he is loving the summer time and not quite the fish that Jordan is when it comes to water but loves dirt and being outside.  here's a pic of him in Heather (our summer sitter's) shades one day last week.

last but not least, theres my wonderful husband...who has stepped up in SO MANY ways during this transition.  he's cooked meals, gotten the boys up and ready daily and fed them breakfast (i have to be at work at 7...before they are awake).  he's taken Jordan to appointments, school, camp, etc and never a grumble.  i SO appreciate his dedication to God, me, our boys, and Crossroads Church.  he's also continued to be dedicated in the gym and down to an even 245. 

we enjoyed a visit from asah's parents last week and so look forward to some family time in July as well.  we are blessed!

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jordans 4 year pics (2 months late) and jax's 2 year pics (2 months early)

we had the boys/family pics taken last weekend and i thought i'd share.
we love casey's work and will use her forever to take pics of the boys!
we even eeked out a decent family shot :)

you can see all 172 of them HERE


Thursday, June 03, 2010

3rd annual Alack Memorial Day cookout!


Wednesday, June 02, 2010


i usually put the boys plates on the floor for Beanie to polish off at the end of dinner.  this particular evening, jax wasnt quite finished.  when i walked back into the kitchen i found him dining with the dog.
the days are never boring!

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