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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

little Christmas lamb

Jax made his acting debut as a "stable animal" in his Preschool Christmas Play.  It was!  Thanks to Gram for making his costume.  Too bad his noggin is so big :)  I cannot believe he wore it...he would not try it on at home.  His teachers are miracle workers.  We are so proud of him!

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my little foodie

Jax has quite the palate (unlike his older bro!)  He will eat absolutely anything and LOVES it.  This picture was taken at our favorite Mexican place, where he was polishing up a plate of rice and a cheese quesadilla.  Whenever Asah sits down with a plate of anything, Jax jumps up from his seat to greet him with an open mouth.  Last night, Jaxon saw Elmo eating a plate of spaghetti on TV and asked me for some.  They had already eaten and I told him I did not have any spaghetti made.  He curled up in a ball and cried.  For a long time.  This boy loves his groceries!  And I'm glad someone loves my cooking....If it were up to Jordan I'd make chicken nuggets and mac and cheese only :)


Homecoming Parade

We had the FUN opportunity to ride in SLU's Homecoming Parade (the Housing Float needed Power Rangers!)  The boys had so much fun throwing candy (and eating it).  Jordan did awesome with all the noises...I was so proud.  They had such a good time and we re-cycled their parade wear into Halloween Costumes :)


family Vacation

In October we were able to take our (1st ever) "just family" vacation.  We found a deal on a little cabin overlooking the Ellijay River in the North GA Mountains.  We scheduled this time to line up with Gold Rush, and I was able to reconnect with some precious college friends.  It was a COLD few days and the boys loved "throwing rocks in the river".  We also went Apple Picking and to the Apple Festival in Ellijay.  It was so nice to be able to disconnect from everything and spend time together.  Jordan has not stopped asking to go back to the mountains.


happy birthday to you (daddy)


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Jax's starts 2 year old Pre K

I cant believe Jax started his (2 year old) PreK this year.  He is loving the Methodist Church Pre K and his classmates.  He's learning so much (Colors, letters, songs, sharing...I could go on)  It is so nice to feel completely comfortable leaving him there...and while he still isnt a fan of us dropping him off, he loves to be picked up!  This picture is from his 1st day of School, as well as the day the Firetruck came and his Thanksgiving Feast.


iphone candids from the past 5 months

here are some from the past months taken from the trusty phone.  some need no explanation :) 
 I saw this rainbow on Jax's birthday.  It was a special time to remember God's Promises.  We trust in Him!
I love being married to this man! 
The Childrens Museum opened in Hammond this Fall, and the boys LOVE it there.  Asah and Jordan were inside of a bubble in this pic.
 One day Chelsea left her glasses over at our place, and J had fun trying them on.
Jordans FIRST trip to the movies.  Thank You, AMC for offering Sensory Friendly Films in Hammond!  He's never been able to go before.  They turn the lights only to dim, they turn the sound down, and kids are allowed to roam freely as needed.  It was a wonderful experience and we'll be back for sure!
 J the Blue Ranger.
Jaxons Birthday at Catfish Charlies.  There was a live band that night and they did a special "Happy Birthday" song for him.  He was smiling and clapping along here.
 Jax my Red Ranger.

 1st attempt at Potty Training.  Verdict=Not quite ready yet.


go lions! go dawgs!

We had so much fun cheering on our teams this Football season. A few of our college students play for the SLU Lions, and we got to go to a couple games. The boys did great and LOVED seeing Roomie! Our poor Dawgs had a rough season, but we are not fairweather fans. Here we are in our GA gear in the balmy SE Lousiana weather. Theres always next year Dawgs!


the circus!

In October the Circus came to town.  It was a nice break after a Busy Fall.  We saw lots of animals, smuggled in snacks, and had a good time with Heather (their wonderful babysitter).  I think J enjoyed the popcorn best.

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