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Friday, October 31, 2008

trick or treat!


Thursday, October 30, 2008


he's growing toooooooo fast!
make it stop!


Tuesday, October 28, 2008

free taco today!

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Monday, October 27, 2008

weight check

ready for this????

30 Months
40 lbs 6 oz
38 inches

2 months
15 lbs 0 oz
23 inches


both are off the charts for weight and in the 90's % for height. my grocery bill is gonna be so stinkin high! i love it!


two months old

happy two months, big boy.

off to the doctor's in a few hours for a checkup and yucky shots. Jordan gets a checkup too. he hasnt been seen in awhile and in order to get a flu shot he needs to be seen. i am scared to death of taking them both by myself to the docs.
we'll see how it goes. jordan is terrified of the doctor's office, and Jaxon is getting his first shots. hmmmmm. could make for an interesting blog post.

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Sunday, October 26, 2008

trunk or treat 2008

we had a blast...and there was a great turnout. what a wonderful way to serve our community and make awesome contacts! soooo much fun.

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Focus on the Family State Voter Guides

A wonderful Resource!

Click on your state for a guide to the candidates.


and for my fellow louisianians, is a good tool for reading the ballots ahead of time, etc.



i just walked into the kitchen where Jordan was eating his lunch and found him chugging the rest of a bottle of breastmilk that Jaxon didnt finish.



what is it with our doorbell these days??

Dear girl selling candy for your school,

Please dont ever ever ever ring our doorbell three times in a row at 1:00pm on a Sunday afternoon. Naptime is sacred. And no, I like most people do not have $5 to spend on a candy bar.



scary saturday night

if you are a pastor's wife, or someone in your family is a pastor, you know how saturday nights can be. satan usually uses them as the perfect time to attack....right before the worship meeting on sundays.
we've seen it over and over again. kids getting sick late into the night, pesky dogs barking, conflict, etc. never fails.
last night after it was over i thought to myself..."saturday night".

i had just finished feeding jaxon at midnight and went ahead to sleep in his room since asah's up at five to prep on sundays. at one a.m. the doorbell rang. i wasnt going to get up, then it rings again. thinking this could wake one of the boys i got up and opened the blind. a lady was standing there saying her car was out of gas and she needed a few dollars. fine. asah came to the door at this point (we never opened the front door) and ushered her to our side entrance.
she was cold and asked to come in so we let her in the doorway (mistake #1). asah went to get dressed and was going to take her back to her car. we gave her $2 (all the cash we had)...there went my breakfast biscuit this morning!!! and i gave her a sweatshirt since she was freezing.
as soon as they left i felt like something wasnt right. i gave asah 5 minutes and i was calling. i called 3 times before he answered (he didnt hear the first two). anyway, he dropped her off because she had him driving a good ways from our house with no car in sight. she also wanted him to turn down an unlit road. he was like no way i dont believe you and told her to get out of the car.
CRAZY!!!! who knows what was down that road if anything.
anyway, when he was safely home in the wee hours of the morning we came up with a safety plan for our home.

1. always set the alarm at night.
2. never let anyone in. ever. unless we know them personally. risks are just too great.
3. set alarm when leaving.

isnt it sad that you cant really "help" people anymore because you do not know who to trust? i really dont like that.

so there's our saturday night. after this jaxon was up at 3 and 5....i am exhausted once again. i mean, how can you go to sleep after something like that anyway??

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Saturday, October 25, 2008

sweet sounds and smiles


Friday, October 24, 2008

just some pictures

the past few days.....

gram visited last weekend. we had lots of fun. We stayed busy and had a great time. Most of Jordans fall/winter clothes will fit now cause Gram hemmed all his pants. Big un' wears a 4/5T but they're all too long! go figure.
These pics are when they went to the park.

jaxon gets a bath-

such a chunk! we pulled out his little activity gym for the 1st time today and he loved looking at the toys. he's really focusing a lot. a favorite would definitely be the fan. it's amazing what i can get done around the house just by laying him on our bed and turning the fan on low. hmmmmm.

i love these two boys!


Thursday, October 23, 2008

late night gospel sing and gassy baby = exhausted mommy

let me preface this by saying, yes, i know its been more than a week since i last posted. and yes, i know (especially family) is dying for more pictures.
here's some honesty though...i havent had time or energy!
lets take last night for example. both boys went to sleep at 7. jaxon woke at 11 to eat. then again at 1:30. then at 2:30 jordan began to sing at the top of his lungs for an hour and a half. i'm not kidding. it started with "this little light of mine" that we could hear through jaxon's monitor and through both closed doors. so then jaxon woke (due to the singing). and ate. then the gas started. normally it starts between 3-5am....and lasts till morning. i usually hold him until he settles, give the prescription for intestinal pain, then lay him beside me so we can rest. i have never seen a baby this gassy in my entire life. he passed gas at least 20 times. he cries, then passes gas, then settles, and repeats all morning. it is heartbreaking.
so there's my excuse for no blog posts. i'm lucky to be functioning!
please pray for jax's tummy. we are so tired. we go for his (2 month!!) checkup next week and i'll be asking lots of questions.
and i'll try to take some pictures this weekend so i'll have something to post!


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

two little pumpkins

i took advantage of diaper change time to record a little video of my two punkins.


Monday, October 13, 2008

smile, please!

jaxon's got a new trick....smiling! but trying to capture it on camera is quite the feat. so, here are all my failed attempts from the last few days; as well as the money shot. we're enjoying those sweet cheeks and bright smiles.

can you tell he's, um, chubbed up a little? he is sooooooo chunky! i had my 6 week appointment today at my doctors office and brought him with me. no one could believe how huge he was! i'm guessing around 14 lbs or so. we'll know for sure in a couple weeks at his 2 month visit.

enjoy the pictures.

here it is!!

and heres a great one of jordan. he willingly smiled for me too! he is looking so much older to me these days. sweet boy.


Tuesday, October 07, 2008

pumpkin patch

i realized i forgot to post the rest of the pumpkin patch pics.
so here they are. asah got a few more on his phone so you may be seeing more.
we had a really good time.


Monday, October 06, 2008

30 months. sniff sniff.

"so teach us to number our days" (psalm 90:12)

in Psalm 90 Moses compared our lives to:

a watch in the night
a dream
grass that flourishes and fades............

jordan is exactly 2 1/2 TODAY. time has absolutely flown. i could cry when i think about how big he's getting.
i didnt realize this until i got a flyer in the mail from Pullups (just reminding me that no, Jordan STILL isnt potty trained or even close). It said "Your 30 month old" and my mouth hung open. How did he get so big so fast?

in our small group we are doing the book "feminine appeal"'s a study of titus two and today was all about loving our children. i HIGHLY recommend this book to any is A-Mazing. The most impactful study i have been a part of. and we're only on the 3rd chapter.

one of the points was the brevity of life, especially this short season of childhood.
it encouraged us to "number our days"...because they are so fleeting.
it makes the rush to get rid of his paci, potty train, and send him to preschool seem a little less.
for now i'll just enjoy the little blonde haired toddler that sings at the top of his lungs, spills juice a zillion times a day; loves to be outside swinging; and could repeat the alphabet 50 times in a row without growing tired of it.

having this awareness helps us to love our children better; and "safeguards from neglecting a tender love" as commanded in titus 2.

here's a quote from Katrina Kenison that was in the chapter:

"Just when I figure out how to mother a kindergartner, it seems I have a first grader standing before me instead. I have just learned to love and live with a nine year old when the nine year old vanishes. leaving a pre-adolescent in his place. They don't stay still long enough for me to have my fill of them ever! "stop" I want to shout..."Let's just do it this way for a little while, let's stay right here" But the moment is inexorable--up and out, away into the future".

so...i'll leave you with a question:

have you numbered your days lately?


Friday, October 03, 2008

family update

-jaxons new tummy medicine seems to be working. he hasnt had a gas attack in the past few nights.
you'd think this would mean he'd sleep better. hmmmm. he's still up a lot during the night. just likes to hang out with his parents i suppose. asah has taken one feeding the past couple nights and given me some rest. i'm liking the bottle thing....however, i usually have to get up and pump anyway so it (sort of) defeats the purpose.

-i quit my job! well, one of them. it was a very very difficult decision to make. I love what I do at the Restoration House. I've been blessed to be there almost 3 years now doing the books and just serving in whatever capacity. In June I was promoted to House Director. I can bring my kids with me to work. Seems ideal, but I was just missing time at home and through much prayer Asah and I decided it would be best to be home more. This is a huge step of faith as we are letting go of some income that was getting us through each please pray that God will provide. I am still keeping a couple bookkeeping gigs from home..and still at the gym one shift per week. .this will just free me up sooooooo much to be with my boys and help Asah out more in ministry. Exciting!

-i'm going to a pastors wives retreat next weekend. i'm looking forward to retreating. jaxon will come with me though....he still needs to eat (pretty much all the time :) asah and Jordan will have some good time together next weekend.

that's about all for now. you may wonder why i'm awake at 5am. it's because i just put jaxon back down for the 3rd or 4th time and he's in there grunting away and fighting sleep so i figured i might as well post while waiting for him to settle :)
all is quiet now so it's time for another hour or two(!) of sleep.

Edited to add a family photo...our first as a family of four! taken today at the pumpkin patch-


Wednesday, October 01, 2008

not quite yet

we tried to get Jordan to hold Jaxon last night.
he just laughed.
he does love his brother though. he gives him lots of hugs and kisses every day and likes to just stare at him.
it's awesome-


he did it!

he took mommy's milk in a bottle!
this means: i can leave the house for more than 2 hours; perhaps get a bit more sleep if daddy is up for some nighttime feeding fun; we can go on a date; i can feed him in church without leaving the service, etc.
it's a good thing.
he downed 4 oz. so we'll do this every once in awhile so he doesnt forget how.
it's awesome though.


such a different child.

jaxon goes pretty much all morning without napping. he takes maybe a 30 minute catnap but really just refuses to go to sleep in the am's.
then he takes a marathon nap in the pm's.
SOOOOO strange for a one month old.
and SOOOO opposite of jordan-
here he is refusing to sleep.

and here's the big ole honkin pm nap.
yes, i know he's on his tummy. but it's the only way he'll sleep most of the time.
so i just watch him like a hawk.