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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Christmas in GA

We headed out Tuesday morning for the long trek to family in GA. after 2 stops for Jaxon to nurse and a bite to eat we made it in about 9 hours. a LONG drive for 2 little guys. they both pretty much crashed when we got there.
We spent Christmas Eve with my mom and Christmas Day with my dad. Jordan and Jaxon racked up and we barely had room in the van for all the fun toys and clothes. The last two days of the trip were spent "at the farm" with Papi and Mimi and family. More toys and great gifts! Thank you so much grandparents for loving our boys and for all the fun things they received. More than that, we enjoyed seeing you and spending time together. Now we're just trying to figure out where to put it all!

ducks at Papa and Mema's

following my Papa. he sure loves him!

Jax and Mema open presents.

checking out the new toolbench with Sumner

another car! cars are his "thing" now

decided to take a bite out of Jesus' Birthday cake a bit early :) oops.

jaxon, meet aunt jaci! trent we missed you so much. we love you!

lighting a candle on Jesus' birthday cake

happy Birthday to Jesus cake

talking to Pops (dont know why his lips look blue here, i think it's the redeye reduction thing on my camera. weird)

part of the family at Christmas Eve Dinner

Jaxon; oblivious that it's Christmas Eve!

napping in a swing by the tree, just doesn't get much better!

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family christmas

we had a nice quiet Christmas (our first as a family of four) the Monday night before heading to GA. we opened our gifts and ate La Carretta take out. jordan was not feeling great at all; but we enjoyed our time as a family anyway!

jaxon's "big" gift- a musical table

jordan loved it :)

checking out his new cars. notice all the drool on his shirt. that was all part of the hand/foot/mouth disease. no fun!

this was a joke. asah said he wanted music for Christmas so i got him "Bluegrass Hymns"....inside the CD cover was a giftcard for itunes :)

jaxon's stocking loot

yeah, mom, just what i've always wanted. baby spoons!

what's next??

this picture makes me laugh. we were heading out to get "one last thing" for daddy and it was FREEZING. i had jax all bundled and this was the face it got. hilarious.


music medley; brought to you by jordan


Monday, December 22, 2008

merry christmas to us :(

jordan has hand foot and mouth disease.
for the past two days he's been incredibly fussy and saying his mouth hurts.
his mouth and throat are full of sores and he's in tons of pain.
this is a big bummer.
please pray for us as we try to soothe him and try to get an hour of sleep here and there. for the past two nights he's been up every hour or so. between that and jaxon's waking there's not too much sleeping going on round here.
we'll be celebrating Christmas tonight as a family then driving to GA. we are PRAYING he is well soon!
here's a link to a description.....i'd never heard of it before, and hope no one else we know EVER gets it. it's yucky


Tuesday, December 16, 2008

snow clips

some videos from crazy random snowstorm 08.


"thats what she said"

for The Office fans out there....and PAM, i cant believe this onesie fits already! i should've gotten a shot of the back, "Dunder Mifflin" logo is imprinted on the bottom area. so adorable. we love it!


brotherly love

the other day i heard jordan in the living room with jaxon and decided to check things out.
he had given jaxon his elmo, which is HUGE. as of late, jordan and elmo have become very attached. they sleep and eat together, and if jordan has juice or a cracker he always offers it to elmo. elmo gets a paci and blanket before bedtime just like jordan; and i'll find elmo swinging in jaxons swing, in our bed, everywhere around the house. i COULD NOT BELIEVE jordan offered elmo to jaxon. what was funnier is that jaxon decided he'd try to nurse elmo's eyeballs. he sucked on them for quite sometime. i tried to get a pic. jaxon was quite happy hanging out with brother's favorite thing....not so happy when jordan decided he wanted it back. i can imagine elmo was tired of his eyeballs being gnawed on though.


Friday, December 12, 2008

it SNOWED! lots! in Hammond!

unbelievable. our power was out for two days. no one was prepared for this! craziness.
enjoy the pictures. we got around SEVEN inches. jordan just kept saying, "snow, snow, snow!". it was all fine and good till the power went out though. keeping two boys warm and spending the night looking for a warm place to lay our heads was no fun.
we did enjoy the "forced family time" but are thankful for electricity as well.


Sunday, December 07, 2008

oh so very, "2 years old"

lately jordan's been doing some super cute versions of songs and i so wanted to get them on camera. he wasnt cooperating this particular day so i wanted to show you what i got. about 20 times a day i say to myself, "he is SO two years old right now". love him still.

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big and little

just to show how huge he is, this is esther kate, our associate pastors new daughter, and jaxon. keep in mind they're only 2 months apart.
she weighs around 8 lbs at one month old, he's a hefty 18 lbs at three months.

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dap⋅per   /ˈdæpər/ [dap-er]

–adjective 1. neat; trim; smart

must say jaxon was looking quite dapper on this particular day.


the stockings were hung by the chimney with care

we're slowly decorating around here. we have our tree up with nothing on it. we were supposed to decorate it this afternoon but jaxon fell asleep in his swing as i was putting jordan down for his nap, and his swing is in the living room where we'd be taking out lights, putting up ornaments, etc.

we stick to the rule "NEVER wake a sleeping baby" around here, because he is the worlds worst sleeper. i thought for sure he'd be up in 30 minutes or so and we could let the decorating begin. nope. he's been out for 2 + hours now. stinker.

so here are the stockings at least. the rest later.


Friday, December 05, 2008

pictureless update

sorry, folks. no time to upload pics tonight.
have my first of NINE holiday events tomorrow. NINE. between now and the 3rd week of december. while i'm looking forward to each one, i can imagine i'll be both tired and broke after attending them; making stuff for them; or buying gifts for the gift exchanges. and this is all before heading to GA to celebrate with extended family. by the end of december, i'll be ready for January.

wait. January. that's year end financials, donor receipts, W2's, etc for all my clients.

February sounds awesome.

I really am trying to think positively about the "hustle and bustle". i want to remain calm in walmart, even when someone blocks the aisle or rudely pushes past me. i want to smile even though i'm stuck at one of the many traffic lights in downtown hammond with a screaming child in my backseat. i want to ENJOY this season, with my family, church, and friends. i've made the decision to do so.....

and it's not without its challenges. jaxon is the worst sleeping baby i've ever encountered, and he's mine. this isnt totally his fault as of late, he's come down with his first cold (joy) and cannot stand his stuffy nose. last night at around 4:00 i broke down and put him in the swing. this was after getting up with him at midnight, one, three, etc. this too shall pass. i cannot remember the last time i slept more than 4 hours. i am a zombie...but a happy one. we are SOOOO blessed with our boys.

enough rambling. time to make some goodies for tomorrows festivities.

guess what I was trying to encourage myself; as well as others to focus on why we are celebrating. it's about Christ. as i sat down to prepare the "lesson" for the nursery sunday (i use the term lesson loosely! it's 1's/2's and 3 year olds!)...i was able to read the Christmas story again from Luke. THIS is why we celebrate. it totally changes my heart to think this way.

i promise pics of the boys in the next few days grandparents!

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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

3 month old?

17 lbs 12 oz
25 inches

doc says thats the size of an average 6 month old.

my big big baby!

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