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Sunday, November 29, 2009

new most favorite picture


Saturday, November 28, 2009

O Tannenbaum!

Yesterday we went out in traditional fashion and picked out the tree. The boys especially enjoyed the super loud quacking ducks and watching the pigs eat corn. Jordan told me that the corn was their lunch. I thought that was a great observation, it was lunchtime. We found a great tree in minimal time so while Daddy got it cut and loaded up we played on the super awesome playground and rode the "train". We made a stop on the way home for "chicken and french fries", per Jordans request...then decorated the tree when they woke up from naps. I forgot to get a picture of the finished product; bu we've already made some revisions (after losing 3 glass ornaments to a certain 15 month old who thinks they are "balls" and wants to throw them). We went to the $$ Tree to buy some gaudy plastic ones to hang on the low branches for him. I know that one day we'll look back and treasure these moments when they were small...and decorating the tree/keeping it standing! was not an easy task.

view from the train.

my hair is getting way too long. i need a cut desperately....geez!

they buried a tractor and boat in the sand...making it perfect size for kids to play on. smart idea!

sitting in the chicken poop. seriously. he was under the cages where the chickens were kept...and sitting where their poop drops. gross. i removed him as soon as i realized that. well, after the picture.


i see the perfect tree over here dad!

this one!

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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

its the little things

after spending a week + inside due to jax's pneumonia it was nice to get out...even if it was just to Target for diapers. we took advantage of the trip and got popcorn and icees too. here are the boys...outside for the first time in over a week enjoying their treats. Jaxon's breathing is better but still not 100%. Praying he'll feel much better soon so he can enjoy Thanksgiving!


Monday, November 23, 2009

Dr. Temple Grandin

In my research I've discovered a wonderful advocate for Autism. One of the reasons she's so wonderful (among many) is that she has Classic Autism. She has overcome obstacles and has had a very successful career. She was nonverbal up to about 3-4 years old. Very inspiring she gives me great hope for J. Now in her 60's, she continues to work and lecture on's a recent one that gives GREAT understanding into the Autistic world. It's over an hour, so I dont really expect our blog readers to listen to it entirely, but I thought it may be a great resource for family members, so as to better understand Jordan. Gives great insight. Look for a TV movie on her life coming out in February 2010.


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

the vaccine question/debate

One of the biggest questions I've gotten since Jordans' autism diagnosis is, "Do you think it was the vaccines?"

not going in to all the details of the debate here....but if you're interested just google autism, vaccines and check out the pages and pages of websites, research, opinions out there. found this source today and it stunned me.

we are researching vaccines at the moment to figure out what to do with Jax (going forward). Because it is not PROVEN that vaccines DO NOT cause autism...then we are trying to play it safe with Jax, especially since he's now "genetically prone" (autistic sibling). I found some great tips at and also a stunning comparision. Here's a chart that shows how many vax's Asah and I received (data from 1983) and then a comparison to a list of current vaccines (2007). It just makes me question why. WHY so many? For these little bodies? We're not anti-vaccine. Just want to be more informed. Especially since there's a big window where vaccines can be given. It does not have to be an "all or nothing" approach or all before 12 months, or 2 years, or whatever. Here's the recommended schedule. The yellow highlighted parts are recommended "ranges" which the vaccines can be given. I cannot have regrets, I can only go with what I know going forward. God is sovereign. He'll give us wisdom if we only ask. (James 1 says that if we lack it; just ask God, who gives it generously!)
Just opening this up. Want to see what you do. What you think. I know this is a touchy subject. Just sharing what we're dealing with.

i thought these tips were helpful.

• Consider delaying vaccines until your child is 18-24 months old.
• Do not vaccinate if your child is taking antibiotics.
• Consider no more than one vaccine per doctor’s visit.
• If you plan to get the MMR vaccine, ask your doctor to give it in three separate vaccines for measles, mumps and rubella.
• Consider giving high doses of Vitamin C (3,000-5,000 mg per day) on the day before, of, and after vaccination.
• With the measles vaccine (MMR), consider high doses of Vitamin A (5,000 IU or more) on the day before, of, and after vaccination.
• If your child experiences any developmental delays, stop vaccinating until you learn more.
• If your child has an adverse reaction to a vaccine, stop vaccinating until you learn more.
• Always ask to see the vaccine insert, and never accept a vaccine that uses the preservative Thimerosal (mercury). For a complete list of vaccines with Thimerosal, see the FDA’s website here. Note: most flu shots today still contain Thimerosal

To be honest, I have not yet taken Jax for his 12 month visit. Isnt that terrible. He's almost 15 months but I've just been afraid of what the pediatrician will say when I discuss delaying vaccines. I feel confident in our decision. Time to schedule an appointment, I suppose!

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Monday, November 09, 2009

DEAL of the day

if you have children, grandchildren, or any child to buy Christmas gifts for this year....this is an AWESOME deal! The Disney store has PJ's for $5! I thought shipping would be outrageous but it's only $2.95 for one set...and goes up the more you buy. The sizes run from "2" to "6".
Great selection...and great quality.

Anyway, just wanted to pass this along.

The Deal is today only.



"wash" day

and so thankful for it! after going over a week without a washer (ours died!) it feels great to do all this laundry. God totally provided yesterday and while it did not work out to get the washer I'd been eyeing on Craigslist (and waiting for all week)....I got a MUCH better one, BRAND new and not even listed on Craigslist just by making a phone call to another seller. He offered it to us for exactly the amount of cash we had. We got it for $250 under retail. It's the little things.....very thankful for HIS provision.



LINK to Video of the action! (cant get my video to upload directly) :(

trampoline time with Papi. I cant last as long as he did. Kudos to you, Papi!

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Sunday, November 01, 2009

pumpkin carving and halloween night

my veggie dip graveyard. hummus with spinach and veggies!

this was such a messy project. jax enjoyed the messy part.

the ole chair finally gave out. it's been a good one.

look, jordan!

slobbery dirty baby.

miracle picture! (miracle picture: when both are looking at the camera at the same time)

off to get some candy!

wonderful spread!

gah! looks just like big brother here.

down-set, hut. at least the dawgs have a bit of hope coming there way in, say, 16 years or so.

wore this last year. had to do a wardrobe change from our Flintstone theme due to the unpredictable LA weather.