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Sunday, November 30, 2008

thanksgiving 2008

we had a great time in south GA for thanksgiving. we spent most of our time in bainbridge/"at the farm" for the Holiday. it was asah's grandaddy's 90th birthday. we had a wonderful time with family and rested well. (even jaxon!!!!) enjoy the pictures.

reception music provided by two 2 year olds. nice.

5 seconds before he was bawling. he cried the entire 90th bday reception; pretty much. we woke him from a nap. not a good idea.



lots of hudgins

self portrait (bored while kids napped)


farm naps-the best kind

aunt sara, cousin daniel, jaxon



pops, gram, jax

"great" granny jean meets jaxon

love this one

i wonder if she was tired the next day????

pops and jaxon

hanging out; thanksgiving day

grandma love

this one is soooo sweet!

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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

sleepless on Alack.

jaxon continues to be a mystery. 3 nights in a row last week he went 8 hour stretches at night.
last night he was "sleeping like a newborn" meaning he was up every 2-3 hours.
i'm exhausted.
and we're stumped as to why he isnt such a great sleeper. he's the exact opposite of jordan. naps are a challenge; nights are a challenge.
i figure he'll sleep eventually. but for now we're definitely barely getting by in the sleep department.
so if i say something that makes no'll know why.
sunday i walked into church and someone asked how we were. i said "another night of no sleep!". they called us sleepless on Alack (our street). hence, the title of this post. just in case you were wondering.

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jaxon strikes a pose

a friend gave us a free portrait session (as well as all the "restoration house" babies-these are all my friends babies born around the same time as jax). he did great and i love how some of these turned out. they're copyrighted so the only way to see them is to go to the photographer's site.

if you are bored, or simply interested, here is how to see them:

then click on "family"; then "restoration house babies". he's the last baby on the page.

and i think he's just adorable. :)


Sunday, November 23, 2008

i know i'm biased

but these are some CUTE Kids!

these were taken one evening while J was playing outside....

And I got some great smiles from this little guy as well....

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we had a wonderful sunday as we celebrated baby dedication at our church. jaxon, along with 3 other sweet little ones was dedicated to the Lord today. this in no way "saves" him, but is more of a commitment of us (his parents) and our church to show Him Christ and pray for him.

i must say, we turn out some cute babies!!!!


Wednesday, November 19, 2008


didnt know how else to title this post.

anyway, today we were at walmart this morning(joy of joys). i had already successfully managed to complete my morning workout at the gym, arrive at walmart and find a great space, nurse jaxon in the van because he was starving, get a "good" buggy (the larger gray one that can hold an infant carrier and jordan can sit comfortably in the buggy part).

so i was feeling pretty great, jordan was in a wonderful mood and singing with me while eating his snack. we were halfway done with our trip when a man approached us and looked at jordan and said "you ARE in public". he was singing Jesus Loves Me loudly, but was not being obnoxious, just a typical toddler. my face dropped. all i could say was "he's two years old, give him a break". jordan, unphased began to sing This Little Light of Mine, even louder. I smiled and continued shopping. I loved when i met the same mean man aisle after aisle and jordan's songs got a bit louder each time. i actually began to encourage his singing.

i mean, consider the alternatives....he could have been whining. he could have been whining and jaxon could've been screaming. geez. i wanted to ask the man if he ever two years old...or did he ever have a two year old, or a two year old grandson. it just completely baffled me. but it wont steal our joy. if you see us in walmart in the near future jordan will likely be singing. and i'll likely be encouraging it. it's just what he likes to do.....

and, just wondering, is there a law against walmart....or in PUBLIC????


Monday, November 17, 2008

great daddy

i could listen to this little giggle forever....

asah's doing such a wonderful job bonding with jaxon. from middle of the night feedings so mommy can have some sleep to watching both boys while i work a shift at the gym on fridays, he's doing a great job with both. i love watching jaxon giggle and smile at daddy!


Wednesday, November 12, 2008

big shoes to fill


typical night @ the hudgins house

playing with tractors

chillin out


not a fan of tummy time

but LOVES it when i flip him over :)
(dont know why theres a dark spot on his nose. looks funny-)

this little piggy....