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Saturday, February 28, 2009


more brothers pics. i just love that they love each other. this was after bathtime...and jordans expression/hair in this picture make me laugh.



jordan needed breathing treatments at a very early age due to respiratory problems caused by allergies and asthma. i had prayed that jaxon would not have to deal with this, but he does as well. we've always called them "breathies" because that's what Jordan would say. so here is jaxon getting his breathies. luckily we kept the paci attachment that jordan was so fond of early on. Jax is a big fan of the paci as well.

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Friday, February 27, 2009

happy 6 month birthday to you jaxon!

today at the "well check" we found out that jaxon has-

-an ear infection

-sinus infection

-atopic dermatitis

now we have lots of creams and lotions for bathtime, an antibiotic for the infections, and are praying this little sweetie is on the mend.

no shots today due to the sickness...

here are the stats:

23 lbs even
28 inches

his weight gain is tapering off a bit.

at 6 months Jordan weighed 20 lbs 1 oz.

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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

in a few weeks.....

my big boy will be THREE! where is the time going????

we're planning a big "fiesta" here at the Hudgins house! we are super excited.

on the homefront, both boys are still battling the crud. both cough non-stop throughout the day and night. it has been 3 weeks now. my patience is wearing then and i'm slap worn out. i pray and pray and pray for relief for them. we've tried different meds/combinations of meds/no meds; etc. the doctor wanted them both on the steroid prednisone to which i responded a resounding NO WAY. jordan's been on that a few times in his short life and the outcome was always terrible side effects. night terrors, zombie like state, personality changes. i won't even attempt to put jaxon through that. we are hoping once the weather levels out their symptoms will too. but for now it's breathing treatment upon breathing treatment until they have relief. i'll end with a picture of my other favorite little "big" guy this week:


practice makes perfect.

still havent "perfected" it yet...............


Monday, February 23, 2009

FREE sub from Quizno's!!!

from one of the blogs i frequent. they're giving away 1 million subs and are at about 380,000 right now.

(edited 02/23 at 1:30pm)....still some available!!!!



Saturday, February 21, 2009

catechizing a 2 year old

We began going through the Baptist Catechism with Jordan just a few nights ago. The goal in this is so that through repetition he'll begin to know and understand Biblical Truth. It is simply a way to learn in question and answer format.

The first question is,

"Who is the first and best of all beings?"

His answer tonight?


Correct answer is God. That was his 2nd choice.

I was laughing so hard inside.


Thursday, February 19, 2009

like father;like son

caught this one last night at the nightly Elmo viewing. i couldnt believe they were in the exact same position. (sometimes asah likes to snooze while Elmo's on) i think this is their favorite time of day.



the day i've waited for! they "played" together for quite awhile yesterday. jaxon is (sort of) sitting. asah thinks he sits like a bulldog. quite fitting. anyway, jordan likes to hand jaxon toys. if he doesnt grab it right away he takes his hand, opens it for him and puts the toy in it. pretty cute. he sure loves his brother. yesterday it was more of jordan playing with jaxon's toys and jax watching. still lots of fun. i know soon they'll be fighting constantly, but i love this sweet stage.

thanks for the new shelves Mimi and Pappi!!! (as you can see, jaxon already has plenty of toys to fill them up!)



been two weeks + now. both boys have been feeling crummy. monday was the worst, jordan ran a fever and we finally took them both to the doctor. jordan's is asthma + upper respiratory infection; jaxon's is just the crud. thankfully he hasnt gotten as bad as Jordan. for the past few nights; both have slept better. they still have the awful cough, but i'm hopeful that they're on the mend.

if you know jordan you know he's never like this:

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Monday, February 16, 2009

love these two!

i was waiting to post this one until the Valentines got sent out since this is the picture on them.....

I really like this picture of them!

please pray for the little guys. Both are fighting some pretty nasty chest congestion and coughs and today Jordan began running a fever. I thought it was just his asthma but now I know there is more to it. We are heading to the doctor this afternoon. They've both been fighting it for two weeks now and we've had many sleepless nights. I am exhausted.

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Sunday, February 15, 2009


same age, same (style) paci, same chair. pretty similar.
jaxons about 5 lbs larger....


Saturday, February 07, 2009

up and down; up and down!

on one of Jordans favorite Elmo episodes (i think they are all his favorite; but anyway).....there is a quick shot of a baby in a johnny jump up as Elmo explains Up and Down.
When i put Jaxon in his the other day, jordan enjoyed going over to it and helping jax go Up and Down. Super cute.
In this video Jordan also gives a shout out to the grandparents. He's referring to himself as Jor Jor which is my mom's name for him. Love to all. Miss everyone lots.


Friday, February 06, 2009

blue eyes


20 degrees at night; 70 during the day = breathing treatments

first asthma flare up of the year. it's been a few months. we've been blessed and i'm praying this one doesnt last long.

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found my feet!

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this is what an oversized 5 month old looks like swaddled

jaxon still prefers to be swaddled at 5 months. when he "breaks out" it's usually only a couple hours until he's up and fussing. i wish they made these in XXL. i've heard of babies preferring this until 7-8 months old. If thats the case we'll definitely need to make him a big and tall swaddle.


year end = done = much more time to post

made it through another year end. W2's, W3's, L-1's, L-3's, 941s, 940s, donation receipts, financials, etc, all DONE. for all my clients. woo hoo!
i didnt know how i was going to get it all done, but somehow, someway, on Jan 31 I had met my deadlines. phew. havent done a year end with 2 kids yet. was quite challenging.

now on to who you really want to hear about:

jordan: my ticker says he's 2 years 10 months today. i cannot believe my baby is gonna be THREE soon. we are beginning to plan his Third Birthday Celebration and I'm super excited. We are still working on Potty Training (not even close really) and getting rid of the Paci. These are two biggies I was hoping to acheive by 3. But we shall see. Someone had great words of wisdom the other day about Potty Training. The longer you wait, the easier it is. They just "get it" one day. I'm sure hoping that's the case with Jordan. I'm so ready to stop buying two sets of diapers!

jaxon: my fat n happy 5 month old. he is learning new things daily, and FINALLY rolled over this week. he is happiest when being held and able to look around, but he also plays pretty well by himself. he's super smiley and i love his cuddles. he's tried so many new foods over the past couple weeks and the only thing he clearly dislikes is bananas. still waking up at least once/night for a snack. i'm hoping that we can cut that out soon. it hurts my heart to let him cry for too long at night. the other night i let him go for about 20 minutes before i just could not stand it anymore. as soon as he's fed he'll fall back asleep for another 4/5 hours. it's just taking a lot longer than with jordan to get the whole "sleep through the night thing" down. we are making progress though....

Bear: (See post below)- sweet Bear was only our pet for 3 short days. we quickly fell in love but suspected he had heartworms. with a trip to the vet for a checkup we were correct and very sad. asah had grown very attached. We all had. he was such a sweet doggie. we could not afford the treatments so we had to take him to the Animal Shelter. Supposedly there is a Lab Rescue in the area that goes around to shelters and adopts Labs and pays for their treatments. We are HOPING this happened for Bear.

that's about it. pray for me as i'm a "single mom" the next 5 days as asah's at a Pastor's Conference. I'm looking forward to loving on my boys....just praying for tons of energy.

hopefully i'll snap some new pictures over the next few days to post!

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Sunday, February 01, 2009

new family member?

asah was mowing grass yesterday when a large brown dog came out of the woods. he saw him out of the corner of his eye and he looked like a bear. so that's what we call him. Bear. hes very big, old, and slow moving (aka lazy). he lets jordan do whatever he wants with him and just lays on our carport or back porch all day. last night it was cool out so we put a big blanket out and he's lazed around on it all day.

we didnt really want a dog but he seems to be ours now. we've been feeding him scraps and he just seems like he's home. it looks like he used to be someone's dog but they removed the collar; and likely dropped him off. we dont have a fence, or any "doggie equipment"; nor can we really afford him, so we're just waiting to see if he sticks around. jordan is already talking about him alot ("See Bear"; See Doggie, then he whistles for him and tells him to "Sit".)

anyway, we like the big guy. maybe the newest member of the family :)

who's chasing who??